Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Official

Okay, it's official.....I have officially registered for the 5/3rd Riverbank 5k run on May 9th....yes, that's right...5k RUN.

This is pretty major for me.....I DON'T run! Yes, I play indoor soccer....but I play up top & our team is not good, so very little running is expected of me....and then I sub out. This is the very first run I have even signed up for.

The Course.
It starts on Lyon & Market streets downtown....goes along the Grand...and then ends at Ottawa & Lyon.

To see & run under the Finish banner.

I would really like to run the whole thing without walking.....this would be a huge feat for me. In my current "training".....I can make it about 2 miles....and then I have to walk....and then have Sofia question my running inability & giggle at my desperate gasps for oxygen.....which always seems to disappear out of the air after those 2 miles. But I have yet to run without pushing an extra 55 pounds plus a double jogger...which is really hard uphill!

My big goal it to finish under 30 minutes. Yes, many of you laugh (you should) this is a ridiculously slow pace....but perhaps I should repeat that I DON'T we will steps. I have 2 more weeks to "train."

So far I've run 4 out of 5 days. I accidentally went 5 1/2 miles yesterday because I my cell phone dropped out of the jogger....long story short - I was exhausted & really only ran about 4 miles...and walked the rest.


LJFredricks said...

WOW! Awesome, this is a huge challange! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Great job Rachel! I am proud of you! I will be cheering you on...from a distance of course!

Lesley said...

way to go Rach! You'll be fine if you "accidentally" ran 4-5 miles the other day...race is only like 3.2. U can do it! (if i can do it, anyone can!) I'll cheer for u!

Kristy said...

I ran a 5K last year with Abby. We never walked and did it in about 32 minutes. I had only trained a couple of times. If I can do it with a bad knee you can do it. We are also running one again this year and am training more. Good luck

Lesley said...

If you accidentally ran 5.5 miles, then run the freaking 10k!


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