Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's Monday again....that last week went fast for me. Nice weather is very helpful. So here we go with another list of things that I did not do or say last week....

I did not believe that consuming 9 oranges in one day was acceptable. No way. That exhibits my non-compulsive eating habits. I did not regret my decision the next 9 oranges is enough fruit fiber for a family of 6.....sweet Rach.

I did not fall asleep during Sofia's bedtime prayer & have her nudge my face to wake me up....", you should really go sleep in your own bed, this is my pink flower bed & I need to go to sleep now."

I did not eat so many baby carrots (an entire bag in one day)......that I swear my skin started turning a tinge orange. That would be I am already yellow & do not need any more "warm tones" added to my skin color. I clearly do not have a problem with eating one food item in excess.

I did not convince myself that when my gas light goes on....I have a good 25 miles left in my tank...and then RUN OUT OF GAS! (at least it was in the gas station) I did not have to bother two dudes to push my van 10 feet so the gas hose would reach. I was definitely not THAT lady.

I did not almost hit a bright orange construction barrel because my eyes were glued on my rear view mirror to see the if cop on the side street was pulling out behind me. Nope, not me. I was not speeding and I was not late.

I did not drape a huge comforter over my Sofia's book shelf to hide all the books (a.k.a. scattered books all over my house) for a few weeks. I would never discourage reading or any type of educational stimulation & activity for my children.

I did not blame Sofia for losing my pen....and then remember I was using it to hold my hair.

I did not spend 5 minutes each morning combing through Sofia's tangles & decide that brushing my own hair only once this week was enough.

I also did not have the chance to say the following........

"Stella! You have GOT to be kidding....seriously!?!?....dude, I JUST changed your diaper.... I think your dumps are bigger than a grown man's....this is so gross....why aren't you potty trained yet?"

"No Fia, my z-dogs did not have babies....I just have more zits....sure, if you want, they can be like a nice little family....sure, if you want, you can call the small one Sofia....thanks for noticing"

"Fia [gasp], Mommy [gasp], can't [gasp], talk, [gasp] when, [gasp] I'm [gasp] running!! [gasp][gasp][gasp]"

"Stella! Stop head-butting your sister! Fia! Stop being a wuss!"


Anonymous said...

Oh Rachel, Yet again you have given me cheer on a Monday morning. I often tell sam not to talk to me when we are walking...if we have to stop we may never get started again! Have a great day!

Mandy said...

The last one sounds like my family! Abby loves headbutting. I wonder when it will start hurting?

LJFredricks said...

Too funny!
I don't think you should feel bad at all about the oranges and carrots. Obviously your body does not want to get sick or go blind!! Also buy some cute baskets for those bookshelves. They can still get to the books and they have an easier time picking up without you. (this is experience talking ;))

the deKorne family said...

um, oranges and carrots? i ate a whole loaf of banana bread today. (minus the 2 pieces lesley ate.) i guess that explains a lot.

melissa diekema said...

I love you, Rach :)


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