Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our $2 Staycation

Well, our family decided that a vacation away from our glorious freezing cold weather & snow during the first weeks of April is way over-rated....so we opted for a most delightful stay-cation. Pack up the PB&J's, some juice, & rice crispy treats....off we go.

Destination: Rivertown Mall

Right....so I decided that since this was such a special occasion...that I'd better splurge & buy a $1.00 token for each of my kids to ride the carousel. It was Stella's first time....and surprisingly....she was a little scared. (I took a video, but since I'm making really obnoxious "weeee" sounds to ease Stella....I decided against posting it....I only post embarrassing pictures & videos of my girls)

Fia is clearly a veteran rider

And then we dared the play area.
Fia stayed close to Stella & protected her from the 5 ft 12 year old unwatched kids that shouldn't be in there....arg....another pet peeve. I'm sure I'll post more on that later.


And this is how it ended.....the ENTIRE way home....awesome.
Stella does NOT embrace sleep & fall blissfully into dream world.
I wish she would do a better job expressing exactly how she feels.

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