Friday, April 17, 2009

Pet Peeve #20

As the weather gets nicer....deprived Michiganders are drawn outside to absorb any available ray of flies on stink. To say that the need to be outside & active is long overdue is a gross understatement. But before my rants go any farther....I give you a short quiz.

Short Quiz
Someone please tell me who belongs on the road & who should use a very nice black top pedestrian bike path....or sidewalk. (not side streets....main roads)

A. The Smith Family (white & pretty...most likely EGR residents...not "outsiders"...although I do not see expensive name brands quite possibly posers from another "Tier 2" community)

B. Great Aunt Gertrude (or offense, both lovely names. Thank goodness for that 3rd wheel!)

C. Neighbor Suzy Brown (she grows organic tomatoes & recycles the tiny plastic tabs from her bread bag)

D. Lance (ummm.....4% body fat)

Answer: D!
If you can not propel yourself (or whatever mode of transport you are using for forward movement) to a speed that is at least the posted speed limit....then get off the main road so the cars can use it....or divert your route to a quiet side street!

I happen to live just 2 blocks from a pedestrian attraction....Reed's Lake. Runners, walkers, & bikers flock to Reed's Lake as it is nestled in picture perfect East Grand Rapids & next to Gaslight Village....more on the stereotypes of EGR in a later post. This is all fine & dandy, but someone please share with me why people feel the need to use the road when there is a wonderfully maintained beautiful walking path made specifically for pedestrians? Arg!


Momof4 said...

2 things:

We have a very nice sidewalk running alongside Lakewood Blvd. (a well-traveled 45 mph street that leads to the big lake) but some people RUN on the street instead of the perfectly good sidewalk - even more dangerous than bikes, I think.

Also, you're supposed to recycle the little plastic bread tabs? Oops.

Dave and Sandy Hop said...

I like lance.

LJFredricks said...

I especially love this right by school where there are cars parked on both sides of the road and I have to stop and wait for joggers. Grrr. By the way Mr. 4% body fat may ride his bike anywhere he wants. I will slow down and ride behind him NOOOO PROBLEM!

Rach said...

Yes Lisa, I agree with you. I'm normally not a huge fan of the biker "gear" but he may feel free to wear the spandex & tight shirts anytime.

Momof4 said...

Sorry. Haven't really cared for him since he dated Sheryl Crow.

baorao said...

where am I? did I just click on a transcript of The View?


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