Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Purse: Private Property

I would argue that a woman's purse is considered very personal property. Rummaging through another woman's purse without permission is certain death. Women keep the strangest things in their purses. My pre-child purses used to be like a mini junk drawer filled with random trinkets, gadgets, & emergency whatevers. The contents & organization of my purses have since changed drastically.

I won't carry a huge diaper bag, but I love to have everything at hand.....or at least feel like I do. Every mom has their own system of how they tote the million things they might need throughout the day. Here is my mommy survival bag (a.k.a. diaper bag) dissected for you.

The Bag
We begin with the bag itself.
Had to select one that Peter can carry on the rare occasion.
This eliminates anything pink, cute, or excessively girly.
Moutainsmith Messenger Bag: unisex, compact, lots of storage.
Rebecca hooked me up when she worked @ Earth's Edge. $12

Bagettes (not the french bread)
- Everything that has been made compact begins here.
- Bagettes are necessary to my organization & sanity.
- I use them for everything.
- They keep my tiny loose items organized.

The Main Components
- I use mesh zip bags meant for makeup or toiletries.
- I think I purchased a set of 3 at Rite Aid for $5.
- Minimal space wasters & I can see through them.
- They also don't get dirty....or don't show it.

Item #1: The Main Survival Kit
- Easily carries all the small things I think I might need.

The Contents Dissected

1. Rubber Gloves (yes, they fold into that tiny bagette)
- There have actually been times I needed these.
2. Single Serving Diaper Rash Cream
3. Towlettes

4. Meds (always have some)
5. Lady Product
6. Stain Stick

7. Sewing Kit

8. Safety Pins

9. Bandaids (kid kind for Fia & Neosporin kind for adults)
10. Nail Clipper (perfect for loose threads as well)
11. Hair Care

12. Bib Clip
- Actually one of the thingys that holds mittens to coats.
- Make any napkin into a bib.... idea stolen from the dentist.
- Super cheap! Set of 2 for $1 @ buy ever.

13. Scented diaper bags (always carry a few)
14. Matches (I'm not sure why I carry these)
15. Ear buds (always handy for Fia)
16. Rubberbands

17. Dice
18. Crayons

- If you are stuck & need to entertain a small child.
- Fia & I play dice games while we wait for various things.
19. Emergency Glucose
- Sometimes this just shuts them up for a few minutes.

Item #2 - Coupons
- Never leave home without them!
- They hardly take up any space.

Item #3 - Stickers
- Pull em' out in the car, shopping, waiting rooms, etc.

Item #4 - Diapers & Wipes
- I cram a few into this mesh pencil holder.
- It keeps them compact & easy to find.
- I keep more scented bags & disposable changing pad here.

Other Random Items
- Lip Gloss (b/c every mother must feel fabulous)
- Hand Sanitizer (always use after mall play areas)
- Child size spoon (makes Stella's life easier)
- Baggies (for trash...otherwise my bag is a trash bin)
- Tissues (always)
- Gum (always)
- Paper & Pens
- Phone
- iTouch (calendar, all my pics, addresses, music, games for Fia)
- Camera

So there it is....a rare glimpse into a women's purse/diaper bag. Obviously, when Stella was smaller I had a carry a few more items such as a onesie & burp rag. I generally always have what I need & then some. I also usually have extra space to throw in a juice box or baggie of cereal for a snack later.

Feel free to mock my compulsive needs for organization & order.


Judy said...

Rachel I think you should start your own business. People NEED you. Just think of the organization you could bring to a house or garage. :)

LJFredricks said...

HOLYCRAP........ .. .......... ...........................................................................................................
That is profanely organized.

If I ever needed to choose someone to go on a long trip with, I am calling you.

baorao said...

dude. Lauren is the opposite. almost the complete opposite. I am not sure which frightens me more.

Jessica said...

Very impressive! I wish I could be that organized. It would make my life much easier!

Anonymous said...

In my dreams I would be that organized! As your mom I worry that my drift toward chaos turned you into a control freak or something. Will you organize my paperwork system when you come? Love 'ya. Mom

Anonymous said...

Mock you are you kidding...I think that we should erect a statue in your honor! The mom with the most...The woman who has everything you could ever need...etc:) I agree with Lisa, if I have to go anywhere or get stuck with anyone I choose you!

Lesley said...

YO! That's all I have to say...

Andy and Renee Kolzow said...

Oh my gosh! You would cringe if I showed you everything in my purse!


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