Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rach's Brush with Tier 2 Fame

I've been going back & forth on whether or not I should post this....& came to the conclusion....YES, I am that pathetic....so I will post about it.

So our family joined Peter's sister & parents for brunch at Egypt Valley on Easter Sunday. When we arrived....who else was there?!? None other than....The Bachelor! (Oh, & Molly too) I found a few pictures on their blog.

I pretty much stared without blinking & watched as he took the next 3 pictures below. I soooo wanted to be that girl who gets a picture with him....but ultimately I decided to leave him alone as it was Easter Sunday & felt he should be allowed some private time with her family. (I still regret this decision)

My sister-in-law's colorful bag & camera got into a background picture with him. Sofia is way cuter than this random Asian. This girl didn't even want to take the picture because she didn't have on shoes....but then he took off his & she agreed.

I struck up a conversation with Molly's sister about her new baby. I asked the name, when she was born, & how big she was.....I'll admit that I was secretly hoping Jason would join the conversation....but no such luck.

The best I could do was get a picture in front of the fireplace too....& hope they were in the background....but again, no such luck.

So this is my pathetic best picture....a crappy side view of Molly & a red arrow pointing to where the bachelor was sitting. I don't know why I didn't aim my camera down....I really did not want a picture of Peter & Stella going down the stairs....I guess my conscience got the best of me.

Yes, feel free to mock me. This is the closest I've ever come to someone "famous." Well, there was that one time when I was in Chicago with Peter & John Malkovich stepped out of a restaurant 6 feet in front of us. But then I only walked behind someone famous for about 15 steps before he stepped into Barneys....we didn't follow because it would be so obvious.

My Final Thoughts:
Molly is WAY better looking in person. I don't feel the cameras are very kind to her....she's actually very pretty. And the bachelor was WAY tan...and way shorter than I thought. Everyone looks tall on camera,....I was definitely taller than him in my heels....I'm only 5'6''.


Momof4 said...

Too funny! I watched some of the Bachelor this season simply to see how the G.R. girl did. Who knew it would end the way it did? And I would have acted totally the way you did; curious but not wanting to disturb them.

Carrie said...

Rachel.. I can't believe you have all of these pictures! This post cracks me up. Also, too funny that Lesley's bag made it into the picture. She told me this, and about how she missed it. Too funny!

LJFredricks said...

OK I was totally going to make fun of you until I peeked at thier pictures and realized that Grace has the same dress and brown polka dot outfit that baby Anna and got geeked.
What a dork I am!!

the deKorne family said...

No way would I make fun of you. I would have done the same thing! THat's very fun that you saw them...way to go documenting it. :)


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