Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Big Announcement

Peter & I bought a house!!! I think it's official enough to make an announcement. We are so very excited. This is the real reason why my blog has been neglected.....lots of phone calls & paperwork.

Fun Facts (yes, "fun" is the best adjective for these facts)
  • 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, 2 story, partly finished basement
  • Lots of basement storage
  • Nice, big, & newly finished kitchen (which is a huge bonus for me b/c I love to cook & entertain)
  • Just off Burton (north) between Plymouth & Breton
  • It's "move-in" ready.....only a bit of new paint (Alison.....I hear you love to paint.....)
  • We plan to close July 7th.
  • 2 stall garage & a decent backyard
Things I Am Looking Forward To:
  • Lots of space! Our apartment now has 1 large room that serves as our family room, dining room, office, play area, & den.....all at the same time.
  • A Non-Pregnant Move. This will be the first big move that I where I will not be pregnant.....so I am sure Peter will really appreciate the extra help lifting things....as he has done all of it in the past.
  • Bathtub! Our apartment doesn't have one.....I am sick of bathing Stella in the kitchen sink....she is way too big & it's always a huge, wet mess!
  • Pictures on Walls.....we will finally start hanging things on the walls....we never did this before because we didn't want to deal with the hassle later when we moved
  • Our Grill. We got it as a wedding present. It is still in the box at Peter's parent's house.
  • A Small Garden. I have always wanted to plant fresh herbs & a few veggies for cooking!
  • Neighbors. Not that we don't have them now....but we never make a huge effort because we are usually never around. Lots of young children/families on the block.
  • Making Our Home Our Own....all the personal touches from paint color to wall decor.
  • Staying Put....we have been married nearly 8 years & have 2 kids.....& have been a gypsy caravan moving at least every other year
Things I Am Not Looking Forward To
  • Moving.....I hate moving....I hate the chaos, but I think this time will be easier knowing we will be staying for a long time.
  • Assembling a grill....I designate Peter for this job
  • Lots of Space. There are definitely pro's to living in small spaces. I really do enjoy our family always being in the same room at the same time.....I hope we don't become a family where everyone is in a different room all day
  • More space = more to clean :(
  • Stairs. We've never been in a place with stairs....& so I've never had to worry about kids taking a tumble....we'll just have to buy a few gates.
  • Water & Trash Removal Bills....we've never had to pay this b/c it was always included in the rent.
Our inspections are today so I will be taking lots of pictures.....so check in later tonight or tomorrow to see the outside & inside!


Tim and Sara DH said...

Congrats! You are very close to us. We are near Hall and Plymouth. When do you move in?

Rach said...

I think it'll be possession at close....so July?

Lesley said...

Hooray!! Can't wait to see it, and help pay back helping after all you did when we moved in here. :)

baorao said...

Great news Rachel!

Judy said...

Congrats Rachel! I am am so happy for you and the fam!!

aelders said...

WOOOHOOOO!! How exciting! I can't wait to see pics. I do love to paint and am at your disposal!!Seriously, let me know when and I'll be there. Contgrats!

Jessica Chamness said...

Congratulations! I hope everything goes smoothly! Enjoy your new home!

Momof4 said...

Very exciting. I expect lots of pictures and blog posts about the whole process, because it's not like moving will take a whole lot of your time. Seriously, congratulations!


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