Monday, May 4, 2009

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

I am doing Sofia's birthday party in two posts because I think her cake deserves a post to was that awesome. Our friends Ba & Lauren have taken up the culinary arts as a hobby....and have become really good. They asked if they could do a cake for Sofia's birthday & I happily agreed. I have absolutely no idea that this was what they were doing.

Sofia was really shy when they delivered it, but as soon as they left....she jumped into over-excitement. She immediately called my dad (who lives upstairs) & told him to drop everything he was doing to see her cake. She ran out to the sidewalk to greet all her guests...."Hi! Thanks for coming to my party....GO INSIDE & SEE MY CAKE!!!!"

The cake was designed after one of her favorite books....the Cat in the Hat. The bottom was the Cat In the Hat book....then the hat....and of course, the fish on top.

This cake was almost as big as Sofia!
The top red & white portion was rice crispy treat(an added bonus as that happens to be a family favorite on Peter's side)...the middle circle shape was funfetti cake & the bottom book was styrofoam.

Sofia watched as I cut into her beautiful cake.

The middle section was HUGE....3 layers. It was so large that everyone split pieces. There was so much cake & rice crispy treat that after everyone stuffed their bellies full of both....I had enough to send some rice crispy treat home with cousins for lunches today & a bit of cake Peter's co-workers.....and a few pieces for breakfast, lunch, & dinner today....I mean, dessert tonight.

Super moist & delicious (I hate the word moist....just too descriptive....but felt it necessary to use it it was the best adjective to describe the texture) Even the fondant was sweet & delicious. But you might take note that there is also a frosting layer under the if you didn't have enough sweetness!......mmmm

cousin Drew chowing on cake & rice crispy treat. This is basically how everyone looked.

To give a comparison....this is the cake I did for Stella.....clearly it is as awesome as Sofia's.....right. I meant to do cupcakes...but then realized I didn't have the I was forced to make this ugly cake...with not enough frosting to cover all the sides....and about 5 minutes to frost it & "decorate it"

The cake now

The Creators
I didn't get their permission (yet) to post their I did a small one. I have no idea how to thank you both.....Sofia & I are brainstorming. Thanks again for making Fia's 4th birthday truly memorable! To see Ba & Lauren's food creations, recipes, & great culinary tips....check out his blog The Food HERE.


baorao said...

The pictures look awesome. I just finished typing up some descriptions of the weekend, though I think I'll be rephrasing most of them shortly. Looks like you all had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! It looks spectacular! I have never liked the taste of fondant but after I read the decorators post I am eager to try theirs!

Momof4 said...

WOW! Fantastic cake. And I was so glad to read you didn't make it Rach, 'cause then I'd have to stop communicating with you out of extreme jealousy. I'm with you on slapping together some cupcakes for the kids' birthdays! But what fun for Sofia. And since I didn't eat breakfast this morning, I'm drooling over the close-ups of the cake. Happy Birthday Sofia!!

baorao said...

by the way, if you ever need a simpler followup treat for another special occasion, I had a great idea for Lorax cupcakes that we didn't get to use.

I've got a little bit too much Duff Goldman (Ace Of Cakes) going on in that photo ;)


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