Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The House Pictures

Inspections went very well. The sellers of this house have lived there for the past 10 years & have taken really good care of the house & property....so we are thankful. Here are a few pictures.....sorry, my camera is really old. We can't wait to move our stuff in, paint some walls & make it our own!!

Outside View. It pretty much looks exactly like all the houses on the street....but I don't really care.

This is the street. First, please try resist coveting our awesome blue minivan. Second, take notice of the neighbors chatting outside a few houses down. Sofia & I introduced ourselves & already met 2 girls (Madeline & Rebecca) who are both 4 years old.

Driveway - Okay, this might seem like a dumb picture, but both my girls LOVE sidewalk chalk...and this driveway is perfect!

The backyard.....not huge, but big enough. There is a caged dog pen behind the garage.....if we ever decided to get a dog.....but probably not.

2 Season Porch....perfect for summer evenings & for Peter to have the guys over for cards

A small room that connects the 2-Season porch (to the right) & kitchen. We're gonna make it a mud room & maybe put the computer here.

Living Room & small dining room that flows into the kitchen. Picture taken from front door....maybe they'll leave that big mirror.....

View looking into kitchen.
Picture also taken from front door.

The kitchen! Newly updated. Gas Stove :)
I plan to change the color....this green is a bit too chalky for my taste. I think they bought the highchair...& then designed their entire kitchen around those colors.

Bedroom #1 - We hope to make this our bedroom as it is the only bedroom with 2 closets.

Bedroom #2 - very small, but is a perfect for a small child/baby

Bedroom #3 - We hope to eventually put both girls here

Upstairs Bathroom

Partially finished basement

Lots of basement storage or room to expand the finished area.

The bedrooms are small, but still bigger than what we've got now. I'm starting to collect boxes....so if any of you have boxes, we're gonna need them!


LJFredricks said...

Looks so cool! You will love it! I love the layout and you will too! Don't worry about the stairs either. Just watch how Stella does for a few days! I pretty much left my gate down with Ellie and we just learned how to climb them early. Much safer than her trying to climb OVER the gate!!

Lesley said...

HOORAY! So excited for you! Can't wait to see it. Congratulations!

Momof4 said...

It looks fantastic. I'm sure you will all love it there. What an adorable house from the outside too; who cares if the houses on that street all look similar? This one is YOURS!

Mandy said...

That looks like a great house! I love all of the pictures.

Sandy Hop said...

Wow! Looks great!!! I'm incredibly jealous of kids on your block!!! We also have boxes left over from our move if you need them. They have writing on them and left over tape, but they hold stuff.

Renee said...

Hi new neighbor!!!! When you guys move in let me know. We'll have to meet up for walks! I take Cami to the playground at the school all the time and pass by your new house - it's so cute. The neighborhood is great too. Congratulations!

Zippy said...

Don't change the kitchen color - it matches your blog background.

Christie and Jeremy said...

Rachel, I have lots of small boxes here at work (they normally hold paper) if you need them, let me know!

Rach said...

Sandy & Christie, Yes! I would love the boxes :) I always end up digging through those giant recycle bins behind the grocery stores.

melissa diekema said...

Congrats to the Sheldon Family - looks like the perfect house.
What street is it on?
When are you moving in?
We have a moving dolly if you need it ;)

baorao said...

do the current owners know that you're posting pictures of all their stuff and then talking about how you're going to change it? ;p

Its kind of like that show on TLC.


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