Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Baby Is 4

This post is nearly two weeks late....but my baby turned 4 on April 26th. I can't believe she is 4! I wish I had some stats from her Dr's appointment,.....I might be guilty of forgetting to schedule it.....and so we'll have to wait till June for those.

Sofia was a 100% unplanned surprise. Yes, I would be that .01% on the Pill warning packages. I should have bought a lotto ticket. I found out I was pregnant the day we moved to Valparaiso, IN for Peter's law schooling. I had to keep my job in GR for the health insurance & commuted from Valpo to GR every week & stayed with my in-laws.....drove in to GR Sunday night....drove out Wed or Thurs after work. Everything about that pregnancy was less than ideal.....that all seems like so long ago.

A few hours old

She loved to be swaddled....& has always loved to cuddle.
First few teeth.

She used to daring.....& jump off high places without caution.

We used to have daily tea parties.

Crazy Hair Day at Vacation Bible School last summer

Easter. She loves to dress up.

We celebrated her 4th birthday last Sunday with all her cousins. They came over for pizza & lots of delicious cake. The weather was beautiful & all the kids could run around outside.

It really stressed her out to blow out several candles in front of everyone....I mostly think she didn't want to ruin her we lit her #4 candle instead.

4th Birthday surround by her cousins

Clockwise starting from top left
Drew Eastland, Maggie Eastland, Ryan Eastland, Henry Feyen, Grant Hassenrik, Molly Hassenrik (missing: Charley Hassenrik)

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Renee said...

Happy Birthday Sofia! I can't believe she's 4 - I totally remember her as a baby - what a pretty little peanut with all that hair! Man it goes fast, doesn't it?


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