Saturday, May 9, 2009

Riverbank 5K

I did it! I ran my very first race. For anyone who knows me.....I'm not a runner. My husband likes to remind me (frequently) that I have been 100% inactive for the past 10 years....since I played soccer in high school....I believe "sloth" is the exact word used. I've played soccer occasionally....but it was never competitive, & I never worked hard enough to consider it a good workout. While I did get passed by this 13-year-old kid (who finished in 18 minutes....that is insane!) 5k goals were to just finish....and then the big goal was to finish under 30 minutes.

My very first run was April 24th....a little late to start "training". I wasn't sure how I would do because my times last week were all over 30 minutes....but I guess pushing 60 pounds of girls & a double jogger up my "hilly" route slows you down a bit. I definitely think that if I started training earlier that I might have done a little better....but I'm still happy that I achieved all the goals I set.

Here are my final stats

Distance: 5k
Time: 26:26
Overall Place: 829 of 4568
Gender Place: 197 of 2734
Division Place: 35 of 546 (women ages 25-29)
Total Pace: 8:32 per mile

Despite the undesirable weather, Peter came with the girls to cheer me on. I'm so glad they did....even though I didn't really wave to them....I was about to start my "sprint" to the finish line.

One of the biggest accomplishments for me is that I am not sore. I thought I wouldn't be able to walk today....but I feel completely that means I've gained good muscle & hope to keep up my "active" lifestyle. Thanks to my all cousins who inspired me with Workout Wednesdays & continue to keep me motivated!


LJFredricks said...


Lesley said...

So proud Rach! Way to go!!

Momof4 said...

Wow! Awesome. I am impressed. What an accomplishment. WOOHOO!

Dave and Sandy Hop said...

WOW! Rachel- what an accomplishment! Way to go!

Carrie and Aaron said...

And you say you're not a runner! The RB 5k was how I got hooked into I'm insane enough to run a marathon. Watch out, Rachel, you just might get hooked! Congrats on your run... That was a great time!

aelders said...

Awesome job, Rach!!!!! Keep up the active lifestyle! You're motivating me to get off my butt and DO SOMETHING!!!


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