Thursday, June 4, 2009


My husband is an avid soccer fan....meaning he follows MLS & EPL regularly. He is a Chicago Fire & Fullham fan. Brian McBride is easily Peter's favorite player. He first became a fan when McBride played for Columbus & followed him to Fullham....and now McBride plays for was the best case scenario. I have also grown to be a McBride fan. My reasons, however, are not related to soccer. I know he's a great player, but every time he scores a goal he does 2 things:

1. Makes a cross on his chest
2. Kisses his wedding band, finds his wife & waves to her

He is an athlete....not a thug.
He acknowledges his God & his can I not love the guy?
He is known to be a hard worker....not take cheap dives.
It also helps that he is....very good looking.
He likes Food Network....can he be any cooler?

The best example of his post-goal celebration is in 1:48 minute....the rest is for true soccer fans.


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Anonymous said...

This is awesome...and I'm only 8 days away from seeing him in action!


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