Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me Monday

We are in summer my postings are way less frequent as I am enjoying time outside. Oh, and packing! But I thought I'd squeeze in a Not Me my list is accumulating. So I proudly confess yet another list of all the things I did not do or say in the past few weeks.....

  • I did not teach Sofia how to log into my email so she could do it while I was in another room. That demonstrates email addiction....I could care less about my computer, emails, or blogs that I follow.
  • I did not watch Stella discover & then play with several dust bunnies found behind our couch. Not only is that gross to let my child to play with such things....but it also confirms that I even allow those disgusting collections to grow & thrive in my home....sweet Rach.
  • I did not round up all the toys that make noise & light up & pack them into a box because we are a month. That's way too early. I do not deprive my children of items that contribute to their entertainment & happiness.
  • I did not get stared at, laughed at, & then mocked by a bunch of 16-year old kids at a stoplight because I was dancing & belting out lyrics to Hakuna Matata. Nope, I am always a calm driver & definitely do not know all the lyrics to almost every animated Disney song created.
  • I did not hold Stella over a giant trashcan at Wilcox park, unvelcro her diaper & let her dirty business plop into the trash....and then put that same sort of "clean-ish" diaper back on. Not me, that is disgusting & totally unsanitary & would not dream of doing such a thing....especially in front of several cute families having a playgroup picnic.
  • I did not spend an entire afternoon taking in the sides of my tank tops & adding extra fabric to the lower 1/2 of my bathing suit....ha ha ha....not me. Why would I need to do that? My cups runneth body is definitely the shape of a perfect hourglass & not an exaggerated pear.

I did not have the chance to say the following:
  • "I'm not stretching Fia....well yeah, I know I'm doing squats & lunges.....I'm just trying to fit into my jeans. No, not everyone has to do this..."
  • "No Sofia,....I did not get scratched,...those would be stretch, not everyone has them, only people who gain 65+ pounds in a 9 month period....but thanks noticing & pointing them out"
  • "Fia, I have to sit like this right now because my legs are hot.....I know, it's not very lady-like....because mommy's legs touch & then get, not everyone's legs touch, only the super lucky ones....yes, maybe someday when you're a mommy, your legs will touch up top too...."
  • "No, Mother Nature is not a real no, you can not invite her to your tea party....but maybe we can have the tea party outside"


Sandy Hop said...

sah- weet...rach. well done. lol

Momof4 said...

Maybe someday Fia will call your thighs "big fat chicken tenders" like my kids have lovingly said about mine.

aelders said...

atleast you didn't try to convince your daughter to pee in the lake like everyone else when she needed to go potty for the third time in an hour, only to realize that when she said she "didn't want to swim in THAT", she meant her #2!!


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