Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pet Peeve #22

This does not need too much explanation. This exact same thing happened to me the other week when I ordered a large coffee....it's just maddening. What is the actual purpose of using "special" words? My answer......to allow coffee drinkers to distinguish themselves as the elite class & to claim membership in an ultra-exclusive coffee drinkers club. I only wish I had a word to describe my level of irritation with this one.


LJFredricks said...

This is one of mine too! I guess we share a lot of them. I was just wondering the other day, WHat happened to sm med and lg? Now there is no small just med or kids meal. No wonder we are an obese society. Small is just for kids. I also refuse to say these sizes at the ultra cool coffee places. of course they always try to correct me, but you can't correct someone who is right.

baorao said...

You and Peter used to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, right?



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