Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation Snapshots - Final Edit

Our vacation to DC was nothing short of AWESOME. I thought a few pictures posts would be the easiest way to show our trip. I'll begin with the typical "oh, looks like you had a fun time in DC" photos.....and a few of my personal vacation highlights.

Friday night: went to a sports bar for the Wings Game

Saturday: A few hours spent on Capital Hill doing the tourist stuff....I had to get a few pictures for the blog....I'm so shallow.

WW II Memorial....it was really quite spectacular.

Shout out!!

Lincoln...I didn't know he was so tall

Major highlight....we got to meet Brian McBride!!! Peter's cousin Kyle has the coolest job ever. Brian (yeah, we're on a first name basis) was on his way to training. To view our (mostly Peter) obsession with McBride....click here.

Kyle got us VIP passes for the game.....so we were basically on the sidelines...it was so awesome.

Look how close we are....it was so cool.

Check us out in the background!

DC fans were crazy! Loud drums, chants, & jumping did not cease. Although they might consider increasing the flag size.

Isn't my camera awesome?
Aren't I a super good photographer?
Oh wait...Kyle got this from one of the professionals at the game


We sat in the mezzanine for the 2nd half of the game....the view was incredible.



Post DCU game drink

Georgetown....a couple super cool paper stores. I love paper stores! Yes, it is weird to take a picture....this is for me. Although Les might appreciate this one too.


No, this was not my favorite part of the trip....but maybe it was...because it is the coolest store in the world! Only an OCD lunatic like myself would take pictures of this.

Two levels of everything that has to do with containers & organization.... I was in heaven.


Anonymous said...

I would love to shop at the container store...it looks so neat and tidy! Your pictures are great! I am glad that you had a good time!

Sandy Hop said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome vacation, Rach! I'm excited for you and a tad jealous at the same time! Your blooper reel was my fav. The boys kept asking why I was laughing out loud, and just started laughing with me. Funny.

sampstar said...

i always wondered who those important looking people were along the sidelines at soccer games. Looks pretty sweet.

melissa diekema said...

the diekema family is extremely jealous

the deKorne family said...

i appreciate the paper store also. in fact i had to glance over it quickly because i was jealous. i think a new one just opened in downtown ada. i'm sure it's just as cool. :)


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