Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation Snapshots - Gag Reel

These are the pictures that usually get axed from final slideshow editing.....but they are easily my favorite. Really just our DC vacation from a different perspective....mine.

Wings Game....the sentiment was shared....BLAHHH!!!

More Wings game sentiments

Breakfast at hole in the wall Pete's Diner....excellent for 3 reasons.
1. Cheap & delicious food.
2. Cool name.
3. Run by lots of hard-working & efficient Asians (they wanted to hire me...but I had to respectfully decline because daycare in DC is outrageous....plus the commute)

Yes, spray painting a few bamboo sticks green & then hanging them from drop ceiling with paper clips DOES make Pete's Diner a step above....so authentic!

Peter never blinks during pictures & loves to pose for them....especially in small non-tourist locations when he can be "let's get a picture of ordinary stuff to appease annoying & obnoxious wife" guy.

Peter is not blinking for this one...his eyes are just really squinty

I am not sure how Ben achieved this face....but it is awesome. I, however, am not very creative with my funny face skills....kinda like how I was Asian for Halloween...."Hey Rach, how'd you get your eyes to stay that way? That's amazing!"

Ben's best attempt for my face.....although I do not think my overbite is that severe.

I don't remember what this was about....but Ben & I did not get the memo to wear brown.

Peter, what to do with that left arm? Do I put it on the small of Ben's back?...because that would be weird. Do I wrap it all the way around Ben's waist?....also kinda weird. Not enough time to consider all the options. I don't want Ben to be uncomfortable....this is kinda awkward. Wait, I'm supposed to be posing too? Why does my wife force me to take all these stupid pictures instead of enjoying the game? Whew....the moment done!

Peter, oh my goodness....Brian McBride has his arm around you! Why don't you put your arm around him & pose for the picture? Whew....the moment is gone....forever. (Yes, I know this picture is posted twice...it is that awesome)

This guy was taunting passing children with his DCU flag....what a creep

Peter explaining something soccer-related to me....me nodding & pretending to be mostly interested. Where is Kyle when you need him.

Woman, stop taking these annoying pictures & let me watch the game!

The chick in the front row wearing black tank top is our babysitter. She is friendly, kind, & loves children. The woman in the white tank top decided that perhaps black was the better color & bought a jersey on the way out.

Check out the hair on #3. I need to dig in the archives & find an almost exact picture of Peter....who is also #3. Awesome.

Peter told me we could visit local car dealerships for similar photos. I hate when he shoots down my dumb ideas with reasonable arguments.

Thumbs up! Kyle's favorite pose (1/4)

Thumbs Up (2/4)

Thumbs Up (3/4)
Kyle is a tall & athletic guy with a great sense of humor whose hobbies include reading, listening to music, playing soccer & spending time with family.....and making JC Penny poses.

Thumbs Up (4/4)

Aside from the sun was burning holes into our retinas....the weather was spectacular.

Find Rachel

Quit defiling our nation's capital & go back to Canada!!....& take your junk with you!

Not sure if I was more upset by this 14 year old's backpack choice or the shorts on the left.

5 Guys Burgers
Just like the burgers of EGR's Roses of old...before the Gilmore Collection bought it.


Yes, this is the 3rd picture of a 5 Guys burger

The worker's face is priceless. She's either afraid, embarrassed, or intimidated by taller than average Asians....but probably all 3. She'll think again before asking a passersby for a demo.

Inside the Puma store:
I feel this really describes who we are.
Peter = contemplative.
Rachel = crazy.

Kyle hates his phone.....he was never on it. He also did not have a perma-grin regarding the 3rd generation iphone he recently ordered.

Kyle demonstrating the extendo-long arm clutch gadget.....or burning time while I went up & down each aisle like a kid in a candy store. I heart The Container Store!


Momof4 said...

I love your crazy pictures and running commentary. Looks like you had an awesome time, and I think maybe those who saw you in DC will not soon forget you!!

Renee said...

Awesome recap of your vacation. 4 Thumbs up :)


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