Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Workout Wednesday

I jumped on my cousin's Workout Wednesday bandwagon (I'm such a sheep) with a few of my other cousins.......Lisa, Sarah, Michelle, & Alison be to more specific. I believe Lisa began it with this post. It's basically a pledge to change your lifestyle: be active & eat healthy. I am supposed to list goals, confessions, & successes for the week.

Joining a gym was an idea....but that costs more than I want to driving time.....and it seems silly when it is so beautiful outside. Running is free & I can do it whenever I want....and I don't have to fuss with loading the kids in the van. I signed up for the Fifth Third Riverbank 5k and have been running almost everyday since April 24th. And this is how I've been doing my WW.

First: Double Jogger Investment
Sell 2 other strollers & get this discounted stroller shipping :)

Second: Find A Way to Satisfy Stella On Jog
I didn't want to pay extra for the cup holders, etc.
So I made my own version of a cup holder.
A paci clipped to Stella so I don't lose it.
Bring baggies of dry cereal....depending on the time of day.

Third: Music & Timing
I use Peter's shuffle.
Y-splitter so Sofia can listen too.
Always bring a stopwatch....Stella maxes out at 35 minutes

  • Sometimes I run twice in 1 day. For example, yesterday I jogged my normal 3-4 miles with the girls....and then went out again in the evening & went for 7 1/2 an 8 1/2 minute mile pace! That's a total of 10 1/2 miles in 1 day! If you know me....this is amazing. I have always preferred to let others run & wait for them on my couch...with a bowl of chips.
  • Sofia has started to enjoy carrots, cucumbers, & shaved turkey as a snack. I think having healthier snack options & being an example has actually helped!

  • Stop complaining to my husband about how I don't see any changes. He tells me that I look great so that is enough.
  • Stop finishing my kid's meals! I hate wasting I always eat the last few bites of Sofia's meals.
  • Drink more water. I am terrible with this. I always manage to get my daily coffee in the morning. I have an entire day to drink water....why is this so hard?

  • I went crazy on some frozen cookie dough balls this past week. I just eat them frozen instead of baking them. I eat them in one bite as if it makes them smaller....and myself less gross.
  • I went out bowling with friends on Saturday & ate tons of junk & had a few beers....which made me feel blah and not in any mood to run on Sunday. I rarely drink beer these days & if I have more than 1, then my body only wants to be lazy for the next few days.
  • Doritoes went on sale @ D& one/get one...and I caved. I can't resist the delicious crunch & cheesy flavor of Doritoes....I devoured them despite my GI system telling me to stop.


Sandy Hop said...

Holy cow, Rachel! That's awesome of you! Perhaps you can inspire me to be less sloth-like. :) 10 1/2 miles in one day?!?~~? That needs to be a world record! Keep up the great work! BTW- I have boxes for you. :)

Lesley said...

What up crazy runner lady! Way to go! Keep up the good work, but promise you won't waste away to nothing!

Anonymous said...

I am proud of posted! I am totally humbled by the running that you do! Way to go! Thanks for helping to keep me motivated!

LJFredricks said...

You are doing great! I must admit I buy the bogo doritos too. I also feel that I can eat them if I make them part of a taco salad. Funny how they are "healthier" when I put lettuce on top of them!

aelders said...

way to go on the WW post, Rach!! And the amount of running that you do in a day is amazing!!!! you're inspiring me to stay on track!!


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