Thursday, July 30, 2009

Till Dancing Do Us Part

I am a person who does not take myself too seriously. I am immature (I like to say youthful) and can be somewhat obnoxious. I enjoy the discomfort of embarrassed people around me who are forced to withstand my annoying antics.

The previous statements really don't have much to do with the following video...except that I think these people would be my friends. I would probably never actually do this for my I am also quite traditional....but this is awesome. Jill & Kevin look like they like to have a good time....and like me, aren't afraid of social judgement.

My favorite part is the slow motion dance at the front. Wait, you also don't have a life long dream to participate in a massive slow motion dance with friends?

1 comment:

Ellen said...

HAHA i love it. I'm pretty sure this took place in MN, there was an article about it in the Star Tribune, I think the couple was interviewed by the Today Show.
Anyway, this is awesome :)


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