Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2nd Time's the Charm

I have a bad track record with bikes & biking....which involves a fearless (or stupid) 6-year-old, a cement face plant, an ambulance, eating liquids from a syringe for several weeks, & a giant face scab which took months to heal...sweet Rach. So I have tried to focus on my excellent fine motor skills. I thought Sofia was just like she learned to tie her shoes very early. To see that, click here. But I suppose she is Peter's daughter as well....and inherited his balance...because she didn't get it from me.

Peter worked with Sofia last night on riding a two wheeler for about 15 minutes. We tried again today...and after about 5 minutes, she had it down. We have been riding up & down the block all morning.

Yay Sofia, it's documented officially are riding a two wheeler at 4 years & 3 months old....we're so proud.


Lesley said...

great work Fia!!

LJFredricks said...

Awesome! It is amazing how much time they can spend riding in circles in the driveway! (amazing=a glass of iced tea and a magazine)
Great work Sophia!

Nona said...

She's my granddaughter!! Well done Fia!!

Anonymous said...

Good Job Fia! But if you were my granddaughter you would have already been riding. Just sticken it to Nona Ha Ha


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