Tuesday, August 18, 2009

8 Years & Still Happy

Peter and I started dating when we were both 14 years old. Yeah, we're that couple....go ahead & gag...but only because we are so awesome that it makes you ill. Exactly 8 years ago, we finally got married....after about 6 years of dating. I celebrated my 20th birthday & then 26 days later, my daddy walked me down the aisle. Marrying Peter was the happiest day of my life.

It's easy to get caught up in "life" and all the up's & down's that come with it. I try my best to keep perspective & focus on the many blessings in my life...one of them is my absolute confidence that my husband is 100% devoted to me & loves me as Christ loves the Church. I never take our happy marriage for granted. It has been an unwavering source of strength, happiness, & stability.

We are a pretty traditional couple. I even used the word "obey" in my wedding vows....I know, GASP!! Aside from locking myself into long life of sandwich making....there is actually a good reason why I chose to use this specific word....because I am, in fact, aware that most vows have omitted this "horrible" word. The concept is quite simple.

Society has filled our heads with the idea that love = romantic images, sentimental tokens, & warm fuzzy feelings. While love can be some of those things....it's just not realistic.

I believe love should be expressed in the way that God wants it....rooted in loyalty, respect, trust, & unselfishness. It also requires an ability to be forgiving, honest, & tolerant of faults. So then obedience is a response of love....not some type forced slavery. Love & obedience go hand-in-hand....as they each require a complete sacrifice for the other....pretty simple.

That's it...I'm done preaching....maybe I'll post some more on this topic later. But for now...I'll leave you with some fun pictures....as we didn't have a slide show at our wedding.

Ha ha ha...freshman year....sick.
Some dance....winter dance maybe?
This is also what happens if Peter's hair goes unattended for too long.

High School: Junior Year
Homecoming Float
I'll argue that Peter was dating up at this point
I imagine this would look like Peter's hair after extreme neglect

High School: Senior Year
Senior Banquet....not prom....because adolescent kids do "bad" stuff at prom...so if our high school called it "Senior Banquet", then it would eliminate any & all temptations to participate in such activities....or make poor choices.

Not sure when this is....maybe the first year of college?
Nice hair Rach.

Move In Week @ Butler in Indianapolis, IN

Only a Ross Hall dorm room @ Butler would have such classy signs

Steamboat: 2000?
The year Peter taught me to ski moguls...by "leading" me down a black diamond for the first run....nice idea. I'm pretty sure I cried....a lot.

2001: Rehearsal Dinner night

August 18, 2001: First Dance

Honeymoon: We took a road trip through Canada
Awesome for 3 reasons:
1.) The US Dollar was GREAT!
2. Peter did 99.9% of the driving....I drove about 20 minutes somewhere around Niagra Falls....and almost killed us....thus ending my honeymoon driving.
3.) Canada allowed us to legally have a few drinks....because in America, we are old enough to get married & die fighting for our country...but not old enough to have a glass of wine with our dinner....just pathetic.

August 2008: Kurt & Alison's Wedding

So thank you Peter....for making me the happiest woman alive. Thank you for your daily sacrifice to provide for our family. Thank you for making me laugh & for giving me the most beautiful girls around.

I suppose I should grant Peter some credit for our beautiful girls....but only like 20% for Sofia....but I'll award a generous 70% for Stella.


Sandy Hop said...

Happy Anniversary, Rach! We were married in the same year! You guys look sooo young in the early years!

Very generous of you to award so much credit for Stella. :)

Kasey said...

That was beautiful!!

LJFredricks said...

Happy Anniversary! I agree with the word obey too. In theory. But don't tell Greg, I don't want the power to go to his head.

Christie and Jeremy said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Laanykidsmom said...

Beautiful. The couple and the thoughts expressed. I agree totally.

Pati said...

Well said. We are very happy that you are a very important part of the Sheldon family.

Xrysostom said...

After reading your comment at Ask the Pastor, I wanted to make sure to drop by and wish you and Peter a happy anniversary. God bless you and keep your obedience joyful and his love absolute.

Pr. Snyder

Melissa said...

Rachel- thanks for the comments on wedding stuff and writing it down for this very moment. I'm 4 months out from my wedding and little arguments are not making me feel like I want to be unselfish and all those other good things you listed. A good reminder. You're a fun blogger. Loved the pics!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

This is belated--I'm catching up on my blogs, but Happy Anniversary! You chose a great week to get married--our anniversary is August 21, 1999! I love what you wrote about obedience--so true. Dan and I are pretty traditional too--it's so fun to read a blog written by a LCMS Lutheran!


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