Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Asians Taking Pictures - Part II

Well, not everyone can be Asian....but anyone can certainly take part in the phenomena....or at least try to.

I grant very high marks to this individual for being the only white guy willing to partake in the body-as-a-tripod art form. He is, however, a novice. He definitely shows signs of awkwardness & hesitation to fully allow his body to enter "the stance" because he has decided on a foot forward squat. Perhaps he felt that leaning forward draws less attention and therefore eliminates social judgment. Such assumptions grossly damage his form & affect his overall score.

His extreme good looks, however, have distracted me from any & all scoring.....I think I'm in love.

Top drawer drawer.....

For more of my thoughts on this topic, scroll down a few entries or click here.


Laanykidsmom said...

Rach, how could you not give him extra credit for taking pictures in awkward tripod form WHILE holding a glass of something-or-other to drink?

Rach said...

Ha! an excellent point Charity. How could I have overlooked such a major factor? The one handed camera hold is indeed quite difficult & requires extreme balance & extra arm strength. Extra credit has been awarded.

Mandy said...

This isn't about the post, but was wondering who took the picture in the header. It is so cute!

Rach said...

My good friend Renee took them! It is going to be my next post. She is just starting to take her hobby a step farther. Look for the post tomorrow or Friday. :)

Sandy Hop said...

Rach, I was just about to comment on the one handed hold- when I read the other comments. Now- did he spill any alcohol? That is the final question. Galliant effort, Peter.

Rach-you should totally start a series on this and have others join. I laugh out loud every time I see these!


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