Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Side Show Rach

Harness your inner freak.....

.....and embrace it!

My elbows hyper-extend.....awesome.

Despite Peter's suggestions to NOT post pictures of my vomit-worthy feet & toes....I decided to do it anyways & risk social judgment & my blog readership going down. These are my feet....I know, barf. They are possibly the ugliest things you'll ever see. My first toe is stunted & my second extends to a rather offensive length beyond the other normal-ish toes. Between soccer & running, I only have 4 actual toe nails left...the rest are just painted skin....yeah, barf. But back to the point....I can spread my toes apart like jealous. (This picture is for Megan)

My feet are also wide & Ken Barbie doll feel....or squares. My footprints do not yield cute arch shapes with toes prints in the shape of a moon. Nope, my feet are flat like Big Foot...and my toes...well, the 2nd is so long that it looks like I'm giving people the bird....which can be interpreted as an unintended skill....or me being 1/2 alien.

There is more....
Pass it on to your children....

Sofia shows early signs of hyper extended arms. I anticipate this getting worse as she gets older as mine did....easily one of my best traits I have passed on.

She can spread her toes too....awesome.

What are your skills? Mine are my toe spreading skills & scaring people with hyper-extended elbow skills.

AND my husband still loves me despite my freak elbows & feet.


Anonymous said...

I bet you are one of those people who can pick up objects off the floor with out bending over! Awesome!
Chris' feet are so flat he says that they used to suction to linoleum floors! His footprint looks a lot like yours!

MeiLI said...

ummm maybe it's a Korean thing, b/c I can do the same thing with my arms and toes! haha

Anonymous said...

Rachel, this post left me speechless. . . I can't believe you posted pictures of your crazy feet!!!!!!! Remember in college when you used your toes to pick up notepads?

- Megan

LJFredricks said...

sick rach. in every meaning of the word. LOVE IT!

Nick said...

Flat feet rule!

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