Monday, August 3, 2009


Backyard at apartment on good ole' Lovett Street.
Hot day + sprinkler = cheap thrills.

Stella loved it...even when the water got really cold.
Please resist coveting her construction worker colored sequin bathing suit.

Fia loves to jump off things.

New house driveway!
Sofia loves to play with chalk.
Stella loves to eat chalk.
Sofia showing off sick hopping skills.

4th of July weekend.
In the waves with cousins Grant & Maggie.
Sofia spent almost the entire day in the water.

4th of July weekend.
Jumping off the log into hand made wading pool.

4th of July weekend.
Very creative Stella.
You got a little somethin....right there....yeah, right in those cracks...that'll cause some sick chaf-idge pain later....

Big wind & waves washed water all the way to the dune grass.
Stella may or may not really look like a boy.
DCU - shout out.

Waiting for the big one.
We were all soaked within 15 minutes.

Walks with daddy.

Yes Stella, go get those dirty rats with wings.

Hanging with Nona.

1 comment:

Sandy Hop said...

That's some SWEET sidewalk art, Rach. Fia is really advanced in handwriting skills!


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