Thursday, August 20, 2009


Stella has discovered the glory of Oreos & milk.
Yeah....I agree...barf

Peter is surprised & throws a thumbs up.
Kerrin Sheldon loves America.

Throwin cards with Sheldon men.
Too bad I had to take their money....3 games in a row...chumps.
Only cool people give thumbs up.

Peter sees to it that our girls learn how to use tools.
He did not require that Fia wear a helmet...that was her choice.

Peter teaches Sofia how to ride a two wheeler.
Maybe he should have been a teacher.
Thanks for the bike Maggie!

Stella unattended for 15 minutes when Peter is helping Sofia.
Naturally she would find the only item she shouldn't have.
I am always more comfortable when she wears her helmet....even if she is nowhere near a bike....yes, she wears in the house sometimes....I'm not ashamed to admit it.

A long car ride....after a long morning in the sun


Mandy said...

Great pictures! Abby loves to wear a helmet too. She usually needs one though because of how crazy she is.

Where did you get that pillow for the carseat?

Rach said...

I think I got that car seat pillow at Meijer...but I know they have them at Babies R' Us and I think at Target & Walmart too. They have come in very handy. It's actually Sofia's b/c Stella doesn't normally sleep in the car...but since she had this rare sleeping moment...I stole it from Fia has no problem sleeping any time...or anywhere.


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