Thursday, August 27, 2009


Josh's girlfriend, Aubrey Johnson, took the first few pics.
Yeah....the pictures that are awesome & obviously not mine.
Click here for her website & click here for her photo blog.
She lives in Bellingham, WA. Thanks Aubrey!

A wedding the night before kept me out till 2:30am.
Lots o' libations & dancing + 8am 5k= bad idea.
Pictured: Josh Feyen, Jeff DeVries, Me, Mike Feyen

No Stella, you may not go pet the ducks.

Practicing our triple toe's a routine we're working on for our ice skating debut this winter....Fia inherited my Asians-are-awesome-at-ice-skating genes.

Here are Stella's legs & only 1 of her arms.
She actually had a band-aid on her other arm too.
She is always covered in bruises, scrapes, & blood.

My two princesses.
Please take note of Stella's "glass" slippers.
She wore them all day despite the blisters that formed.
Pain does not phase her.

A few of Sofia's Neighbors - they are all 4 years old.
Left: Madeline (2 doors down)
Middle: Rebecca (Next door)

I cut Sofia's hair this week.
She looks so much older....and now I am sad.

My friends Megan & Stephen bought Fia a Cubs onesie.
Fia LOVED it....I had to cut the bottom so she could wear it longer.
Stella also LOVES it & hates taking if off.
So....tonight is "Cubbies" on top of her jammies....again.


Anonymous said...

The first two pictures are really cool.

sampstar said...

how come your kid doesn't need a bike helmet??


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