Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Are You Attached?

Well....I took a solid few weeks off from blogging....mostly because I realized that I was developing a very unhealthy obsession with checking other blogs, updating my blog, & wasting time on facebook. During my weeks off....I suddenly became really productive & was able to focus on being a better wife & mom. But alas, I can not cut off the few ties I have to the outside world. And besides, my Not Me Monday list is getting way too long. Here was the last post I started......Attached vs Unattached.

Are your ear lobes attached or unattached? I think the preferred text book lobe is unattached....for whatever reason....maybe because they look nicer decorated with jewelry. Mine (pictured to the right) are attached.

When I was little, I thought my ears were just one more weird thing about me....but I have come to realize that lots of people have attached are just a few.

Top: Matthew Never-Wears-A-Shirt-McConaughey & Tomb Raider
Bottom: My freckled Asian Brethren & Big Nose Cruise

Top: Brian McBride & Stevie Y (Just so delicious)
Bottom: Bong Boy With Gold Medals & Overrated Patriots Guy

JFK...I think Lee H Ozwald had lobe his were unattached.
Clinton....who can easily be in the actor category....cue tear.


Laanykidsmom said...

Thank goodness you're back. I've been missing your posts, like this one. I was going to vote for unattached, but then I saw the picture of Stevie Y. That works.

LJFredricks said...

I am sitting here in the semi dark feelin my lobes. never ever even thought about it. Mine are attached. As a side note my husband and some of my children have what he calls the meekhof ear. One ear is normal and the other looks like it has been pinched. And yes that is why Mya can only tuck her hair behind one of her ears!! (I like to keep the mismatching covered up)
Thank you for this post. I know it was just for me!


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