Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How Would You Spend It?

I wasn't sure if I should label this post in my Pet Peeves....but as this irritant has an expiration date...maybe I should create a "Rachel's Rants" category. Anyways, an intersection near my house has begun new road construction courtesy of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Aside from the traffic increase & annoying orange barrels that always come with road construction.....there seem to be a zillion of these road signs. I typically don't have a problem with road construction signage.....just these.

Depending on location....these signs can cost between $500 and $1,200 to design, make & install. As of June 22, there were about 4,840 nationwide highway projects funded through the Recovery Act. If every project had only 1 Recovery Act sign with an average sign cost of $800....that's almost $3.9 million!!! MILLION!!! On my trip to Chicago last weekend.....I observed 4 separate times when these signs were posted on the right & left side of the expressway....as if to create some sort of gate into the construction zone. That's 8 signs for only 4 projects.

The Breton & Burton intersection near my house has 4 separate signs for 1 project....so you can be alerted from every direction. Say these signs cost $800 per sign....that's still $3,200 worth of signage for 1 measly intersection. I'm sure other construction sites also have more than 1 sign per site.

Signs are important & some sign maker made some money....I get it....fine. But what irritates me the most is that these signs can not be reused....as the Recovery Act expires in 2011 & they will be outdated! What a waste.

Here are some ways I might have spent $3,200.....
  • 640 packages of beef jerky....an entire package for nearly 2 years!
  • 2 Dove chocolate mini morsels everyday for 34 years.
  • 100 pairs of kids shoes (the expensive kind)
  • 200 pairs of kids shoes (the kind I get from Target)
  • 1280 glorious pounds of hummus
  • Gas in my van for nearly 2 years
  • Oil changes for 23 years
  • 320,000 rides on Sandy, the mechanical pony @ Meijer
  • 2,100 ice cream cones at Jersey Junction
  • 17,000 diapers....nearly 6 years worth with an average of 8 per day
How would you spend it?


Mandy said...

That is the exact price I got quoted today for the cost to just use an operating room at Spectrum for 30 minutes, not including the cost for the actual doctor of anesthesiologist! I really miss my teacher's insurance...

Anonymous said...


Happy Mommy said...

Ahhhhh. That is irritating for us also as we just drove through Nebraska and there were those signs EVERYWHERE but only cones up. We had to slow down so often for cones that we were very irritated.

And hi :) I have lurked on your blog for a while because you "Not me!" Monday's are hilarious! (Also coming through Four Now.)

Laanykidsmom said...

Rach, this is an awesome post. I never realized how much the signs cost and that they will have no use in a few short years. I think we're so desparate for things to be OK in our country that we accept anything the govt. does to try to "fix" things. As far as $3200 goes, I would either melt into a puddle of glee at TJMaxx as I try to spend it all, or pay for hockey or school tuition or something other boring practical thing like that.

Sandy Hop said...

I would sooo totally finish the addition and hire someone at $20 to move everything into it. But, no...thanks jerky Obama...for wasting our tax money. So, my husband and I can work our tails off for SIX MONTHS to save enough to finish our house. Jerk.

Good post Rach. I had a pic of a sign near my mom's house, and was working on a similar one, but there is no way to out do this- I'll just forward people your way. :)

kaseyvandertol said...

I'd go blow some cash at Target (buying toiletries and clothes),...then I'd buy a bunch of Meijer gift cards and gas cards, so I'd never have to worry about running out and getting that whenever the heck I pleased, I'd also take a vacation to visit my brother and his family in Belguim who I barely ever get to see. I'd have a little money left over to go out to eat. Now, that is if I went super selfish...if someone handed me the money right now...I'd pay my parents off with some debt that I owe them...but if I had NO debt...I'd give it straight to my neighbor who's husband is dyeing of cancer and she has 3 teenage boys who have a large appetite and she has a mortgage and tons of medical bills starring her in the face. That's what I'd do.


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