Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Curves, IQ, & the Badonkadonk

Curves Make A Comeback....Please?
I do not know of one woman who cannot name at least one part of their body that they would like to change. I'm not sure when curves became a woman's image enemy....but I think that they are slowly making a comeback.

Victoria Beckham vs. Halle Berry
I feel a surge of women who wish to fight against the your-body-must-display-your-clothes-like-a-hanger look. I think Halle Berry is the clear winner on this one....although it doesn't hurt that Halle's face (which isn't even pictured) is also nearly perfect.

Eyes on the Prize
Even our Presidents can't resist women with curves....tsk tsk! I love the guy's expression on the right.

"Oh excuse me...while I accidentally graze my hand across those forbidden fruits....over and over again"

Curvy Women Are Smarter
Women with wide hips & a low waist-hip ratio have been shown in a study to be smarter and have smarter kids. William Lassek of the University of Pittsburgh, & Steven Gaulin of the University of California, found that curvy women consistently outscored their skinny counterparts in cognition tests, & also that a child's cognitive performance was directly linked to their mother's waist-hip ratio. The study relied on data of more than 16,000 women from the US National Center for Health Statistics. Children whose mothers had wide hips and a low waist-hip ratio scored highest, leading Lassek and Gaulin to suggest that fetuses benefit from hip fat that contains polyunsaturated fatty acids critical for the development of the fetus's brain.
The findings were published by Evolution and Human Behavior scientific journal.....so eat it skinny girls!!! (and by "it" I am referring to donuts, french fries, or Twinkies will do)

Workin Yer Money Maker
And finally, we have the badonkadonk. For those who are not sure what this is....please read the following definition

Badonkadonk Definition:
The word is derived from the sound produced when you bounce a basketball. Often used as an expression for an extremely curvaceous female gluteus maximus that is both symmetrical (width/depth) and jiggles with ease using a slight hip popping motion. Women who posses this feature will have either a small waist that explodes into a large round posterior or moderately wide hips and with an abundant amount of rear cleavage (depth of butt-crack).

Used in a sentence: Yo, check out the nice badonkadonk on that girl!

Jennifer Lopez & Serena Williams workin their badonkadonks

Two examples of this word being used in pop culture
1. This subway commercial (another favorite of mine)

2. The Trace Adkin's song "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" Well, I was gonna post his video, but as it pertains to the badonkadonk....I decided that it was just a bit too.......visual. So I give you a snippet of the lyrics. If you need to see the video, click here.

Now Honey, you can't blame her, For what her mama gave her
It ain't right to hate her, For workin' that money-maker
Band shuts down at 2, But we're hangin' out till 3
We hate to see her go, But love to watch her leave
With that honky tonk badonkadonk
Keepin' perfect rhythm, Make ya wanna swing along
Got it goin' on, Like Donkey Kong
And whoo-wee, Shut my mouth, slap your grandma
There outta be a law, Get the Sheriff on the phone
Lord have mercy, how's she even get them britches on
With that honky tonk badonkadonk

And the ladies in the video did not have badonkadonks by definition....they had something more like 2 wee grapefruits covered up by jeans.

And finally....I like Trace Adkins....but I do not wish to slap my grandma....can someone shed some light on these lyrics for me? I am lost.


Anonymous said...

It feels good to laugh even when I am sick. Now I understand why all my kids are so smart. It was not (all)my husband after all it was my wide hips! And since Sam is sitting right next to me chanting Badonkadonk butt, Badonkadonk butt I am going to have to show this to Chris!

Sandy Hop said...

I love it, Rach! Someday, I too will have a small waist again, and you will see that I am the epiotme of the word badonkadonk. Also known as: "ghetto bootie" and
"junk in muh trunk."

Launa said...

haha... "2 wee grapefruits" haha! Thanks for the laugh!

Brandy said...

The 'slap your grammma'is a southern thing. If you don't have family living in tin roof one room 'house' on a clay mountain in Alabama, you just won't get it no matter how many times I try to explain it to you. lol It's something you would only do in a state of shock or stupidity. My Gramma would have taken a skinning to me if I had ever done that! (She, by the way, is from a one room tin 'house' on a clay mountain on Alamaba. lol)
Urban Dictionary has a grand definition....A phrase that means that something is so good that you're awestruck by it to the point where you're so disoriented that you might mistakenly slap your grandmother. If someone takes this literally it could at best cause an awkward situation and at worst cause your entire family to fall apart. Hope that helps! =]

Rach said...

Wow Brandy....very insightful and extremely helpful. Why am I not surprised that this explanation came from you. lol :) Thanks

Laanykidsmom said...

Garrett and I just about spit out our spaghettios at this. He asked me, What did she order? And then he asked me to play the "little movie" again. I, for one, had never heard of the badonkadonk butt. Perhaps now my new favorite phrase.

phoebe (Charity's sister) said...

I've heard that song tons of times, but never understood all the lyrics. I guess it's because the word "badonkadonk" was not in my vocabulary! Now it is.

baorao said...

Mad Men is bringing back the curves. Joan Holloway.

Happy Mommy said...

I hate to admit that I am familiar with the term "badonkadonk" since I was on modified bedrest this spring/summer and watched more TV than usual. One mindless show I watched was Here Come The Newlyweds and one of their challenges was blindfolding the wives so they could compare the guys' bums and correctly pick out their husband's. Click if you need a laugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi3uTrH_poU

Anonymous said...

very useful post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Anonymous said...

The "guy" looking at Mr. Obama is French president Nicolas Sarkozy.


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