Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Okay, so I know I've been quite lazy about my blog in recent weeks....this is mostly due to our dead laptop. And since our computer is not in the same room as our TV....I choose to sit with my husband in the evenings instead of in front of the computer. So if anyone has an old laptop that they care to donate to me....let me know. So a short Not Me Monday list to get myself back on the blog wagon.

  • I did not almost hit a mailbox because I was assisting Stella with her shoes in the car. My kids are always dressed before we leave the house.
  • I did let my husband know via a text that I was tired & headed to bed....when he was sitting right next to me......NERD ALERT!
  • I did not sit in our car for an extra 5 minutes so i could listen to free beer & hot wings radio show.
  • I did not scold Stella for throwing tiny toys down the laundry shoot and then once she was napping.....throw tiny toys down the laundry it is the most efficient way to get them to the basement. That do not hold double standards.
  • I did not spend tons of time rearranging all the dishes in the dishwasher to accommodate my large strainer & bowl....easily more time than it would take to just wash the stupid things. No way, that is counter-productive.


Laanykidsmom said...

I am so glad to read about the dishwasher rearranging. I do that exact same thing, all the while thinking "I could have had these hand-washed by now" but NO! I am too stubborn for that.

Sandy Hop said...

Hey! Welcome back to blogging! So wish I had a lap top to give you- I've missed your posts.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word. I am known for cramming my dishwasher full of stuff that I should hand wash! Now I have a support group--thanks!


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