Thursday, November 19, 2009

In Case You Missed It

Host City: Grand Rapids, MI

When: Sept 22nd - Oct 10th

Winner: cash prize of $250,000.

Facts: Competition was staged at 159 different locations with more than 1,200 artists participating and over 334,000 votes cast.

One of the coolest part about it was that it was all free.
Free to see.
Free to vote.

Peter and I made our way downtown to see the larger entries that were outside. I will post just a few of my favorites.

4th Place: The Grand Dance
Very cool. Right in the middle of the Grand River.
Illuminated by solar energy.

5th Place: Moose
Made entirely of welded steel nails.
This one was awesome.

6th Place: Nessie - The Loch Ness Monster
Sofia's favorite.

8th Place: Table & Chairs on Bridge
Actual title: The Furniture City Sets the Table for the World of Art
That long title is annoying....but the art entry was cool.

So after the voting was all done and the winner was announced....I just had to go see the winner. At this point, I had only seen what was I took the girls to see what was in the Federal Building. I heard 1st place was awesome and saw some pictures....but they all look like the artist took a massive digital this one. Nope, it is oil on canvas.

1st Place: Open Water No. 24

So you will have to excuse the quality of my pictures....I only had my phone. But to show you that this really IS oil on canvas....and not a digital picture (because it is that amazing) I took a bunch of up close pictures.

Zoom in #1

Zoom in #2

Zoom in #3

Another jaw dropping entry in the Federal Building was 3rd place Eric Daigh.

3rd Place: Portraits I know these don't look all that impressive....but they are constructed with push pins!!

Again, these pictures are with my bear with me.
So here is one of the portraits up close.
This is a pictures of the lips.

Zoom Out #1

Zoom Out #2

Zoom Out #3


This was one entry that I did see, but would have really like to.
Title: Ecstasy of the Scarlet Empress
Constructed of balloons

Grand Rapids Art Prize was awesome. I feel guilty that I didn't take more time to look at all the venues and entries....only the ones outside and the few in the Federal Building. The best part was that it brought tons of people downtown. The streets were filled with a big city.

I am very happy with the winner. Not that I'm some sort of art snob, but I am happy that the winning entry required true talent.


Launa said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! I agree with you and am so glad the oil on canvas won (it's absolutely stunning... makes me wish I was remotely artist!) Like the thumb tacks too but not so sure about the creepy balloon creatures! Hope your belly is feeling better!

the deKorne family said...

I did miss it! Thanks for posting :)

Anonymous said...

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