Monday, December 28, 2009

Not Me Monday

I really should do some sort of Christmas post.....but I feel that I should shorten my long Not Me list before I start on other posts. Good news is that our laptop arrived! (Thank You Kyle!!) So hopefully after the holidays I'll have some time to actually turn it on & start learning how to use it.....and resume my blogging.

  • I did not make a long To Do list with items such as "wrap Christmas gifts" & "make To Do list"......scratch off item "make To Do list" and conclude that my productivity had reached it's apex and decide that snoozing on the couch would be the best idea.
  • I did not use water to draw on Sofia's back....changing the direction of her long'ish black peach fuzz baby make cool patterns & one does on various fuzzy upholstered furniture. No way, such actions could be life scarring.
  • I did not go to the Meijer for only 2 items (lunch meat & milk)....and walk about with apples, baggies, candy, orange juice, pasta, bacon & soup. Nope, I am always focused & never get distracted.
  • I did not wrap 3 gifts with the wrapping paper completely inside out so only white was showing. No way, I pay attention to detail.
  • I did not tell Sofia that she may only request 2 items from Santa because otherwise she would be considered "greedy" and therefore "naughty".
  • I did not open Sofia & Stella's gummi frogs they received from their Nona, empty them into a Tupperware, and hide them from the family because they are now property of Rachel Sheldon. I don't steal candy from kids.....ha ha ha....chumps.
  • I do not treat the stop sign down my street as a yield because that is what it should be.


Launa said...

Haha... I always love reading your not me's! And, I can never go to the market for the few things I need... I'm horribly bad at walking out with even more things and perhaps forgetting what I really went there for!

Lesley said...

chumps indeed!

Rach said...

Yeah, I forgot to mention that I did NOT get the milk or lunch meat and had to go back later that day. Sweet rach.

LJFredricks said...

property of rachel sheldon. LOVE IT!


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