Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Terrific Two's!

Stella Patricia Sheldon turns 2 today. I can't believe how fast this past year flew by. Stella has found a very special place in my heart. She can make me smile and change my mood in an instant. I am holding my breath...waiting for the "Terrible Two's"...but so far she has been great. Sure, she'll have a moment here and there, but don't we all? This post is for sorry that it's a bit boring.

Some Fun Facts for this past year.
- Enjoys emptying the dishwasher.
- Loves to be nude
- Runs away from me dancing & singing "Naked! Naked! Naked!"
- Loves Sofia gives her the best hugs & kisses.
- Is drawn to boy toys such as balls, trains, & cars.
- Also loves girly items such as dresses, beads, purses, & shoes.
- Still needs her blanket & paci for bed time.
- Has recently become a cuddle bug. (yes!)
- Enjoys watching movies.
- Favorite activity is jumping....for no reason.
- Never-ending energy.
- Almost always happy & cheery.
- Mamma's girl. (yes!)

And now a photo recap for the year....because she has changed so much in one year.

January 2009 - Our family was sick last year & she started feeling better. The look in her eyes are kinda scary.

She loves beads & playing dress up

And sitting on the vacuum while I try to clean

Being destructive

Chalk is delicious

She doesn't enjoy cooking, but loves licking the beater

Beautiful face

Helping Dad

Queen of the mountain

She loves to be restrained in the car...especially when she is tired

Easter twins

She already has a shoe fetish

Thank goodness her narple obsession has ceased

Always trying to do grown up things.

Sand is delicious

I feel this best picture describes my child

Nice Stella poses are rare

Despite her purple lips & shivering jaw...she stayed in the water

Always ready for a walk....even if we were not

Loves the sand

Wind is fun

Beach babe

Oreos are a favorite

If this is a short glimpse of the future.....I'm afraid

Jumping for the sake of jumping

She is already a somersault expert

I was in her way. This is the "move mom!" look

Almost a duck for Halloween

But ended up being ladybug

Loved the idea of carving a pumpkin...but started gagging once it was opened

"Smile Stella!" "Say Cheese!!"
.....I smile for no all look like fools dancing around

Eating slowly is not an option. Food must be inhaled till gagging occurs.

Loves the seasons

I will wear fairy wings all day....despite all the objects that I destroy because I forget they are on my back.

I maybe overdressed her for the cold weather....she could hardly walk....but still happy as can be.

Classic Stella

She is still surprised that we actually let her hold an ornament....she broke it later.

Christmas angels

Christmas Day. The crown & earrings were worn almost all day. I would have never let Sofia run around looking like this....but for some reason, this look just suits Stella.

We love our Stell-Bell! Thank you for reminding us to enjoy life.


Lesley said...

She is so grown up all the sudden! happy birthday Stel! We love you.

Nona said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I love her sooo much. Nona

LJFredricks said...

AW! Happy Birthday! Love this post!

Jessica Chamness said...

Happy birthday Stella! You are a beautiful little girl!

Laanykidsmom said...

Happy Birthday Stella! Your cousin Clayton turned 12 the same day you turned 2. I barely remember his being 2, so enjoy it before you rock your mom's world and turn 12! I am sure you will be the life of the party no matter what - your zest for life shows through already!

Sandy Hop said...

Wow- Rach, quite the growth spurt from the first picture to the last. Especially the hair- finally growing in! Happy Birthday, Stella!


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