Thursday, July 30, 2009

Till Dancing Do Us Part

I am a person who does not take myself too seriously. I am immature (I like to say youthful) and can be somewhat obnoxious. I enjoy the discomfort of embarrassed people around me who are forced to withstand my annoying antics.

The previous statements really don't have much to do with the following video...except that I think these people would be my friends. I would probably never actually do this for my I am also quite traditional....but this is awesome. Jill & Kevin look like they like to have a good time....and like me, aren't afraid of social judgement.

My favorite part is the slow motion dance at the front. Wait, you also don't have a life long dream to participate in a massive slow motion dance with friends?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Me Monday

It has been a few weeks since I've posted one of I thought I'd better get some of them off my list. So whew! Another few weeks of things I did not do or say....

  • I did not remember an 8:30am appointment at 8:11am....which did not result in me throwing my pajama'ed children into the van with pop tarts & doing a wardrobe change in the waiting room. Nope, not me. I am always prepared & never "that" mom.

  • I make rubber gloves into small balloons for my kids while waiting for the doctor to see us...and allow them to bat them around the room with the giant popsicle stick tongue presser thingys. I would never waste office supplies....especially without permission.

  • I did not reluctantly allow Sofia to use my new Sharpie fine tip markers to write a birthday card....and then hover over her shoulder like a helicopter to closely monitor how hard she was pressing. That is silly & possessive....I love to share my things...and besides, I only did that type of stuff when I was like.....7.

  • I did not haul my kids to the Farmer's Market with the intent to buy fresh & healthy produce....and come out with 2 items: a chocolate covered pretzel & fudge. I did not reason that endorphins to my brain is way healthier than silly fruits & vegetables.....because internal happiness is the ultimate goal....right?

  • I did not roll down my window & scream "Yeah, Hot Mamma! Whoo Hoo!!" at my friend on a walk with her kids....and then realize it was definitely NOT my friend & some completely frightened stranger. I did not revel in her confusion & awkward embarrassment & continue to obnoxiously wave as if she should know me.

  • I did not go through my house & systematically shove all the messes into drawers & closets to make it look like I had a full day of cleaning & organizing.

  • I did not plop Sofia in front of the tv so I could check my blogs & finish working on my own. I have used this entire summer to engage my child in educational activities which stimulate her academic mind. I do not use help from Dora, Diego, or Super Why.

  • I did not happily sleep in while my husband got up extra early to start of the busiest few weeks of the entire year at work. No way, I am a good wife who wakes up with her husband to make his coffee & lunch & see him off with a kiss & "I love you!"

  • I did not give Sofia the "eat healthier" lecture, make her eat her broccoli & then decide that beef jerky & gummi worms (the sour kind) were 100% acceptable for my own dinner....mmm...beef glorious.

  • I did not tell Sofia she could play computer games only if she finished her turkey sandwich. I do not use video games as bribes for healthy living.

  • I did not allow Stella to eat a dinner consisting of cupcakes & ice cream at her cousin's birthday. No way, I always make sure she eats a healthy meal filled with protein, whole grain, & fiber before dessert.

I also did not have the chance to say the following.....
  • "Yes Fia, I know my arms jiggle. You're right....if I work out, then maybe someday my arms can be a sick gun show like yours....humility & tact are new words we're gonna learn this week."

  • "No Stella....get out of there! You may not climb under my skirt"

  • "SOFIA! Do not stick your hands down your pants! I don't care if you see boys do it...they do it because they have something to grab, you do not....don't do it again!"

  • "No Fia....let's not go pet that doggy right now....because I just saw it licking it's tinkle bum & I know it's gonna probably lick your hands and Stella's face...."

  • " this stinky's or chocolate on your pants....[SNIFF SNIFF]....hmmm, I think it's chocolate, but I can't remember when you would have had any today....let's just take this off & put on clean shorts.....being a mom is so awesome"

  • "Sure Fia, you can have a tea party with Cinderella AND Sleeping Beauty at the same time in Heaven....yes, I'm sure Cinderella won't mind if you are wearing your dress up glass slippers too."

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well, it's here....the big 2-8. I officially turn 28 today. I thought I might post 28 random things that make me no particular order.

1. God.

2. Peter. We started dating when I was 14 years old....which means we now have been together for 1/2 of my existence. We were just kids (see left). He makes the corniest old man "dad" jokes....they usually make me laugh.

3. Sofia. The best accident ever. The first person to look like me....if you don't count Kristi Yamaguchi, Michelle Kwan, Connie Chung, or Lucy Liu.

4. Stella. She requires an extra pair of eyes & hands, but makes me smile & laugh like no other person.

5. Awkward silences & em.

6. Beef jerky. The best kind is the homemade stuff sold on the side of the road up north. It seems the farther north you go...the better the jerky....mmmm.....jerky.

7. Brendan Shanahan. Yes, I still have a crush on him....even though he's like 40...and when he left the Wings for the Devils....I was devastated. My most recent athlete crush is now Brian McBride.

8. Being Asian. I used to hate it....but now I love it....because in Grand Rapids, makes me "unique"....and it happens to be kinda I got that going for me. And I can play the Asian card & make people uncomfortable.

9. Life. I am forever grateful to my birth mother for being pro-life.

10. Adoption. I'm happy Marlin & Lavonne checked the "girl" box on the papers.

11. & Sofia loves the games & it always allows some time to myself.

12. The Container Store....coolest store EVER.

13. Watching Sofia read a book to Stella....even though her arms aren't really long enough to have Stella on her the book is literally an inch away from Stella's face.

14. Hummus. I am not a hummus snob. I love any & all hummus....because it is just so yummus.

15. Blogs. I finally have a hobby...and it's free!! It also keeps me connected to friends & family.

16. Music. I am not a music bigot. I love it all.

17. Dancing. I love to dance.....I feel weddings are the best venues for a good time on the dance floor.

18. Fall. This is easily my favorite season. I hate being hot. The colors & smells of the trees going to sleep are so soothing.

19. Long & hot showers. A simple pleasure.

20. Family. I am blessed to have a wonderful extended family.

21. The words "dude", "awesome", "wicked", "sick", & "seriously". I overuse all of them.

22. Naps. I am awesome at sleeping.

23. Travel. I love traveling. There are so many places I still want to see & visit. I like to travel & avoid the busy tourist attractions & experience the life of a "local". The rule when I was little was "no chain restaurants". Best rule ever.

24. Horses. I love to ride horses. I did horse camp when I was little (nerd alert!) & loved to stay at my uncle Doc's & ride his horses & tag along with them to horse shows. I still would love go out West to a Dude Ranch someday & ride horses all day....and eat beef jerky....awesome.

25. Harry Potter. I don't enjoy reading....but I was one of those HP nutcases.

26. Laughing. I do not take myself too seriously & love to laugh. Life is too short to be angry & bitter all the time.

27. Christmas. I love Christmas music, decorating the house, eating cookies, & looking at outside lighting.

28. My new house! I love my kitchen.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Asians Taking Pictures

I am adopted. My entire family is dutch. Aside from obvious outward appearances....nothing about me is Asian. I consider myself 100% American...but that is another topic for another day. I enjoy the politically incorrect label "Twinkie"....all yellow on the outside & white on the inside. Sometimes I say "banana", but I prefer Twinkie because they taste better. Bananas are good only if made into banana bread...but I digress. I mostly use the term because it makes people visibly uncomfortable...and I enjoy watching the awkward internal struggle.

Back to point.....Asians taking pictures is a phenomena that has always intrigued me. I believe my fascination began when I went to Disneyland when I was 6. I think it was the first time I was exposed to Asians in mass numbers....which is intimidating. I remember thinking, " he really taking a picture of a garbage can?"

My recent vacation to Washington DC, reminded me of my trip to Disneyland. Asians dominated Capitol Hill.....with their bodies & their cameras. While I did get a few great shots from my trip...most of the pictures I took were of Asians....taking pictures....of more Asians.

It seems that Asians taking pictures is an art form. In addition to taking an offensive length of time for each picture.....there are several stances to getting the perfect shot. Forget tripods....we Asians are extremely flexible & can easily maneuver our bodies into tripod form. Not all of these are from my trip, but these are a few of my favorites.

#1. This guy was everywhere....yelling directions & working up a decent sweat in the process.

#2. I believe this is the same stance Stella takes when she is filling her diaper.

#3. A perfect 10

#4. She can't possibly be comfortable. Are those Gumbi's legs?

#5. I cropped out the other Asian who was taking pictures of

#6. This form is for those who also wish to get a leg workout during photo shoots.

#7. This is for those who do not anticipate throwing their bodies into tripod form & later decide the shot needs a lower angle...but already committed to not tripod-ing themselves....& therefore resort to the awkward lean-and-step-back form.

#8. Wait a minute....he's not Asian....but his form deserves honorable mention. His back end needs to stick out a bit more....but as he is not of yellow skin & also has no butt whatsoever....perhaps this was not possible.

#9. This guy was squatting so low.... it looked like a traditional Russian folk dance....awesome.

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