Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me Monday

The first list of 2010....I'm not all that sure why I am still doing this....oh well, here we go again.

  • I did not tell my husband about the growing baby in my belly via a text. Not me....I would deliver such important news face to face.
  • I did not use the previous method of communication to delivery my baby announcement to my brothers and and shoot an email to my mom.
  • I did not find my Advent Calendar two days ago, open all the little doors & compulsively eat all the tiny chocolates like a ravenous jungle beast.
  • I did not lecture Sofia on her bad eating habits just after I finished an awesome lunch of tortilla chips and Fritos liquid cheese.
  • I do not hope to see at least 1 of our new goldfish floating belly up so I can be done taking care of them. No way, that would be sadistic & mean to wish death upon the one thing that brings extra joy into my daughters' lives.
  • I did not show up to a baby shower 2 hours late because I somehow equated January 3rd with 3 o'clock. Not me, I pay attention to details. I'm such an idiot.
  • I did not forcibly hold down she was uncontrollably giggling because I was determined to clean her belly button with a Q-tip....which did not result in her urinating all over me. Totally deserved that one Rach.


Judy said...

I DID happen to just die laughing at your last entry....thanks Rach

Launa said...

Yeah, I agree with Judy... I can just picture more Stella on the floor laughing so hard... hehe! hope you got here BB clean!

Launa said...

I meant to say poor Stella

Mandy said...

I totally agree with the goldfish! I wish both of them would be floaters soon b/c I am so sick of changing the water!


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