Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me Monday

No intros this week....let's just get it over with....

  • I did not force Stella to wait for me to read her a book because my very important television show still had 15 minutes left. Obviously she understood that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was more important than an educational moment.
  • I did not pull my kids down the stairs and all around my house on a giant comforter. Not only is that dangerous, but it teaches my children how to rough house. Obviously I was preparing them for sledding.
  • I am not such a cover hog that I require our entire down comforter all to myself....all soft, warm, & wonderful....and force my husband to use a separate old, ratty, thin and scratchy Walmart special comforter. I do not value my sleep more that my husband's.....surely he appreciates how his comforter exfoliates his skin every night.
  • I did not eat 5 bags (yes, BAGS) or oranges in 7 days. That would mean that I eat about 8 oranges a day. That teaches my kids compulsive eating habits.
  • I did not wait until after I celebrated my child's 2nd birthday before I realized that I should probably make her 2-year-old doctor appointment....which will now happen several months late. No way, I am on top my kids' Dr. appointments.
  • I did not turn the fan louder in our room to drown out Stella's middle of the night whimpers for mommy TLC. I do not proactively ignore my child's cries for extra love....that's heartless.
  • I did not banish Stella to the basement because I didn't feel like changing her dirty diaper....or smelling it. Barf.


LJFredricks said...

I did NOT request my husband remove his belt at the dinner table in order to buckle in my 6 yr old who would not stay in her seat.
That would go against all my parenting research.
It would however be effective.

Laanykidsmom said...

Uh-oh. I craved oranges bigtime when I was pregnant with Clayton. He is a boy. You do the math.
As far as kids' checkups I can't remember the last well-child one I scheduled. I figure we go in enough throughout the year for other stuff, why make one when they're healthy??
I always love reading your Not Me's!

Rach said...

Oh charity, don't get me all excited! I'm planning on another girl. Only 6 more weeks till we find out.

Rach said...

Lisa, I don't even go to the grocery store unless I am wearig a belt that van be used to strap Stella in the cart. At least people don't give the "bad mom" stare at you at the dinner table!


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