Friday, February 26, 2010

Move Over Estrogen!

Sofia wanted a baby brother.
I was positive we were having another girl.
I told Sofia that it was God's decision...another sister would be fun.
Sofia told me "Ok, but I think God wants us to have a boy."

We had the ultrasound.
We were ready for the "It's another girl" confirmation.
I've never been so positive that I was having a girl.
I was caught completely off guard & 100% surprised.
I cried.
I told the tech she was lying to me.
I am still in shock.
Peter is still glowing with excitement.

Friday Fails

It's Friday again. A special thanks to my brother Matt who sent me this week's first 6 Fantastic Friday Fails.....did you enjoy my alliteration usage? Did you? Did you?

Okay, I'm not going to judge these.....because I will readily admit to taking a test and having NO clue what to write for answers that I did not know.

Nice Peter.....nice.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ataxophobia: the fear of disorder or untidiness.

Okay, so I don't think I'm 100% ataxophobic....but I will admit to at least 80%. I must also mention that I was NOT always organized and tidy....seriously, just ask my mom. My room was never clean & I was the champion of the throw-random-items-into-closets-and-drawers cleaning method. I would have never dreamed of turning into the freak that I am today.

In high school, I started organizing my notebooks & folders. It made homework & studying a lot easier & less stressful. I went to college and my notebook organization graduated to new levels complete with color coding & labels....hmmm, organizing is fun!

Since I got married in 2001, we have lived in smaller apartments with little or no storage space. I started applying my schoolwork organization methods to my closet spaces. As our family did my quasi-OCD organization insanity. Since we moved into our house, all our items in storage at other people's houses made their way back to us. Translation: "Great! Now that you have a can take back all your junk!"

Last April I gave my readers a small glimpse into the psychotic world that is Rachel Sheldon by revealing the contents of my diaper bag/purse. If you did not see it, then click here. After much debate.....I have decided to allow you to see my closet spaces & basement storage. Go mockery is welcome & accepted. I am no longer ashamed.

Main Level Closet - the "Supply Closet"
Sofia can easily reach all her art supplies.
The shoe holder has all our winter mittens, hats, etc.
Winter items go back to storage & are replaced with summer stuff.

Top shelf

Right Side

Left Side

Basement Storage - Main Wall
Yes, I have a giant box filled with empty boxes...with the label "Empty Boxes"

Basement Storage - Back Room

Back Room - Left Side
Mostly college books & paperwork

Back Room - Right Side
Yes, all the clothing bins are labeled

Back Room- Far Wall
Sewing stuff & baby gift stuff

Toy Closet
I allow my girls to take out a few bins at a time.
If they want more, they must put away what they pulled out.
Is this tyrannical & make me a control freak mommy? Yes.
Does this keep my house clean & my sanity in check? Yes.

Upstairs Closets

Linen Closet & Bathroom Closet

Random Facts Pertaining to My Closet Spaces
1. Walmart has incredible back to school storage bin sales. This is when I buy them. I'm pretty sure I bought the smaller bins in packs of 5 for $3.

2. The wire racks are from Aldi. They occasionally get random items & crazy markdown prices. They had the wire 5-shelf units for $30....normally they go for $75-$150.

3. My husband got me a gift card to The Container Store for my was easily one of my most favorite gifts....ever.

4. Garage Sales & Craigslist are also great places to find storage containers & organizational type of stuff. I have found fantastic deals on basic plastic containers & shelving units.

5. I love to buy in bulk...and with coupons. Now that I have the space, I feel like I have a mini-store in my basement....awesome.

So there it is. I'm really not crazy....just crazy about space usage. I feel like it's a giant Tetris game....which btw, I am the master player. (Megan G, please back me up on this one)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

I have seen this commercial a few times over the past few weeks & it makes me laugh out loud every time. It's so random.

...."the tickets are now diamonds....I'm on a horse"

Monday, February 22, 2010

Snapshots....LOTS of them

The reality is that I had intended on using these pictures to make several posts.....but I'm lazy.

We ordered Sofia's glasses today.
Glasses & eye exams are new experiences to me & Peter.

My girls love to color.
Notice how Sofia tilts her head to focus with her good eye.

Taking a break for sister kisses.
I know they won't always love each other like they do now.

My girls hold hands in the car about 85% of the time.
It makes me happy.

Bedtime stories with daddy....way more special than with mommy.
Sofia's wears her Dora Christmas PJ's from 2009.
Stella wears Sofia's Dora Christmas PJ's from 2008.

Bippity Boppity Bacon.
I frequently fry up an entire package & keep it in the fridge.
It's perfect for adding hints of bacon to most of my dinners.
Also fantastic for a serious salad upgrade.

Thursday night dinner. Based on this recipe. Thanks MDiek!
I added chicken...sauteed with paprika, chili powder, & onion powder.
And a splash of lemon juice & a few strips of bacon.
I wanted to add tomato....but alas, I was out.
Yes, it is in a popcorn bowl.

Stella has been cutting back molars.
This has made her want to be with mommy....A LOT!
Life on mommy's hip makes mommy's left arm really strong.

The sun came out.....and so did we.

Her feet don't reach the pedals....but she gets around quite fast.

I love games.
Didn't play too many growing up because my mom wasn't a fan.
Stella's nap time = precious game time with Sofia.

Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes.
Just enough time for a quick game of Sequence with daddy.

Stella's pouty lip.
She pulls this when she doesn't get what she wants.

Sofia has been working on her poker face....nice.

My friend Sandy advised me to start loving my fish....because they always die when you want them to live and live when you want them to die. So look....I'm taking pictures of my beautiful & precious gross water...that won't die.

My new favorite snack....a better option than potato chips & Doritos.
I ate a lot during high school & then stopped.
My neighbor got me re-addicted.

Stella occasionally uses the toilet for her body waste.
She is rewarded with permission to wear princess undies.
She LOVES them!!
Now to get consistent toilet habits....any tips?

D&W Valentines Day bears.
75% Off....additional mark downs....$3.00 total. I couldn't resist.
Sofia named her bear Diamonds.

Stay on the Rocks! Don't Fall!
Hot lava! Aaaahhhhh!

No More Lava.
Just Hopscotch Rocks.

Mommy cuddle time!!
I am so blessed.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fails

It's Friday again, so it's time for Friday Fails. I missed last week, so we have double this week. Enjoy your weekend!

This actually doesn't seem that extreme to me....but then again I place my children in those mini-shopping carts without seat belts.


Baby Party indeed.

Only someone as immature as me would giggle at this one.

This just can't be true.....can it?

Well, obviously only a small child can can fit in there to work.....that's just using common sense and logic.

I was a Resident Assistant when I was at Butler University....this shames all RA's.

Ahhhh....working for the U.S. Government has it's NOT working!

A good parent wants all the best for their baby. Libations seem to make adults logically.....they MUST make babies extra happy.

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