Monday, February 15, 2010


I took last week off due to my busy schedule. Peter's grandma Jean died last week & we spent a few days in Detroit for the funeral & to visit family.

Peter took Sofia ice skating downtown.
Stella watched patiently....or she was really cold.

Sofia failed her eye test at school.
She had an eye exam....with another evaluation on the 22nd.
She will most likely need glasses.

Workin those 3-D glasses.

Kindergarten Art
TOP: Warm colors, Jackson Pollock & worked with paint & string.
BOTTOM: Lines, primary & secondary colors.

Monday: Fish bowl cleaning
How are these things still alive?

I am not a morning person.
Sofia & I almost always pick out her outfit the night before.

Stella took my phone & took some pictures...this was my favorite.

Sofia's latest masterpiece she colored for daddy.
Mommy is on the far left & daddy on the right.
This is easily one of my favorite Sofia drawing.

Out with 2T & in with 3T....sad.

Stella's new favorite PJ's.
They were also Sofia's favorite.
Why are my girls drawn to extreme tackiness?

I always loved the monkey pajamas.

What? Is there a problem?
The baby needs sugar!

Looking at video & pictures that Sofia took with her camera from uncle Josh.

Our friends dropped off some flowers a few weeks back. Just beautiful.

My mom used to collect snow globes.
She gave me one of the larger ones.
They make flowers look HUGE!

We made Valentines Day cookies for Sofia's class.
An unexpected snow day & funeral reassigned the classmate cookies to family cookies!

Stella's only participation was eating the dough.

We didn't have we settled for butterflies.
And rice crispy treats with sprinkels for her teachers.

Sofia loves to spend time with daddy....especially when she can help him with various projects.

Stella is less focused on being helpful and more about having fun.

Peter made two snow hills for the girls. One out front & one in the back. The front mini snow hill was complete with steps & a princess throne for Stella. Please note the shovels at the top of the hill to ensure they didn't slide back into the street. Good thinking Peter!


Mandy said...

Great pictures! Layne loves to shovel too! It's kind of nice b/c she gets really tired out by doing it.
I totally agree with kids loving tacky clothing. Sometimes I think they pick it to make our skin crawl. :)

Laanykidsmom said...

Yeah! You are still around! Great pictures. Is Peter's head really as big as it is in the artwork?

Sandy Hop said...

I love Fia's artwork. Why is it that goldfish don't die when you want them to and always quickly perish when you try desperately to keep them alive? Start loving on them, Rach...they will for sure take the plunge. Pun intended. :)

LJFredricks said...

Love it!!! Great work on the snow pile Peter! Those are things that make Daddies so special!!

Launa said...

I love that Peter build stairs for Sophia and that Stella is just sitting in her chair! So darn cute!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Emma would die for those pajamas. Dora! Dora! Dora the Explorer!

Lesley said...

great pics Rach! Peter is so my dad. Love the steps and throne.

Anonymous said...

Glad the kids love the snow. Glad you still have the water globe. I still have quite a few, and should get rid of them, I guess, but flowers do look so great in them, especially hydrangeas. But I really don't need as many as I have, unless I furnish centerpieces for a banquet! Help! I need your gene for organization. Mom


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