Monday, February 22, 2010

Snapshots....LOTS of them

The reality is that I had intended on using these pictures to make several posts.....but I'm lazy.

We ordered Sofia's glasses today.
Glasses & eye exams are new experiences to me & Peter.

My girls love to color.
Notice how Sofia tilts her head to focus with her good eye.

Taking a break for sister kisses.
I know they won't always love each other like they do now.

My girls hold hands in the car about 85% of the time.
It makes me happy.

Bedtime stories with daddy....way more special than with mommy.
Sofia's wears her Dora Christmas PJ's from 2009.
Stella wears Sofia's Dora Christmas PJ's from 2008.

Bippity Boppity Bacon.
I frequently fry up an entire package & keep it in the fridge.
It's perfect for adding hints of bacon to most of my dinners.
Also fantastic for a serious salad upgrade.

Thursday night dinner. Based on this recipe. Thanks MDiek!
I added chicken...sauteed with paprika, chili powder, & onion powder.
And a splash of lemon juice & a few strips of bacon.
I wanted to add tomato....but alas, I was out.
Yes, it is in a popcorn bowl.

Stella has been cutting back molars.
This has made her want to be with mommy....A LOT!
Life on mommy's hip makes mommy's left arm really strong.

The sun came out.....and so did we.

Her feet don't reach the pedals....but she gets around quite fast.

I love games.
Didn't play too many growing up because my mom wasn't a fan.
Stella's nap time = precious game time with Sofia.

Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes.
Just enough time for a quick game of Sequence with daddy.

Stella's pouty lip.
She pulls this when she doesn't get what she wants.

Sofia has been working on her poker face....nice.

My friend Sandy advised me to start loving my fish....because they always die when you want them to live and live when you want them to die. So look....I'm taking pictures of my beautiful & precious gross water...that won't die.

My new favorite snack....a better option than potato chips & Doritos.
I ate a lot during high school & then stopped.
My neighbor got me re-addicted.

Stella occasionally uses the toilet for her body waste.
She is rewarded with permission to wear princess undies.
She LOVES them!!
Now to get consistent toilet habits....any tips?

D&W Valentines Day bears.
75% Off....additional mark downs....$3.00 total. I couldn't resist.
Sofia named her bear Diamonds.

Stay on the Rocks! Don't Fall!
Hot lava! Aaaahhhhh!

No More Lava.
Just Hopscotch Rocks.

Mommy cuddle time!!
I am so blessed.


Laanykidsmom said...

Love these glimpses into your life. And of course the pictures of your too-cute girls always make me smile! You can fry up bacon without gagging while pregnant???

Anonymous said...

Loved the pics, especially Stella's pouty lip. You and Peter are doing such a great job! Sorry about not being a game person. Love, Mom

Rach said...

Charity, the awesomeness of bacon is 100% validated by the fact that is does NOT make me gag while pregs....I agree, this is truly amazing.

Mom, I wouldn't worry about not being a game lover. If it weren't for your love of travel, then I don't think I would have seen the amazing places that I did at such a young age...London, Colorado, California,...the list goes on. I don't enjoy traveling with kids, so my kids will most likely not see the world as I did when they are still young. Oh, and let's not forget my amazing ability to "pack light"

LJFredricks said...

Loved the pictures! Blessed is right! Cute glasses Sophia, you are a beautiful young lady.

Launa said...

Oh my goodness... what great pictures! Your girls and your family are so beautiful!!
Where'd you get the "rocks?"

Erin said...

I'll take tips on potty training too!

Rach said...

The "rocks" are some packaging materials that Peter's dad got from work. They are perfect for making towers & throwing at people....I guess we should have a boy soon.

Anonymous said...

I think I've seen that pouty lip someplace before. . . HMMMM

Looks just like you!!!!!!!



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