Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me Monday

I've slowed down a bit on my Not Me's....mostly because I am lazy....and 28 weeks worth of Not Me lists is a bit embarrassing. I'm sure the lists will be more frequent once we go from man-to-man parenting to zone.
  • I did not pack a church snack for my daughter and allow her approximately 4 goldfish while I consumed the entire baggie full. Clearly, I was being helpful by not allowing her to spoil her lunch appetite.....mmmm...goldfish.
  • I did not crack our snow shovel because I decided that it was the best tool to use to pick away at the last ice mound on our front lawn.....and then forget to tell my husband & hang it back in the garage....where he will first hear about it here....oops, sorry Peter.
  • I did not go to a nice awards dinner & decide that the chocolate dessert cake on my table was placed there to be eaten first....before salads & the only a truly terrible person would tortuously place chocolate cake in front of a preggo lady & expect her to patiently stare at it until dinner was done.....fools.
  • It did not wait till Stella barfed all over her car seat to finally decide that it was time to clean out the van...& wash her gross car seat. I did not have enough random cereal scattered about the floors & seats of my van to feed a small van is always immaculate & crumb free.
  • I was not secretly disappointed that we did not win the lottery after my husband said he bought a Power Ball ticket because it was up to 200 million.....I do not get my hopes up for completely unrealistic dreams.
  • I did not feed my kids Ramen Noodles & Bugles for dinner & order ourselves delicious take out. I do not frequently feed my kids low quality food while I treat myself to delicious food.
  • I do not happily munch on Reeces Pieces in front of my husband because he decided to give up sweets for Lent. That would be mean.
  • I did not waste my time playing an iPhone game until I beat my husband's high score & then lose interest....until he beat my score....and then obsessively play until I beat his score again.....and then lose interest again. That is overly competitive.
  • I did not send my husband irritating repeat text messages asking for him to bring me a glass of ice water. I have a great nagging wife voice that works perfectly, I do not need the assistance of annoying text message dings to aggravate my husband.


Laanykidsmom said...

I got the same thing going on with high scores and my husband - except it's Spider Solitaire. Currently he holds the high score and it bugs me to no end.

PS - My kids love Ramen. Nothing wrong with that!

LJFredricks said...

Ramen?? Why not just let them eat the food off the floor of the van? two birds, one stone. Just sayin..

Anonymous said...



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