Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We've had sick people in the house and so my blogging has been on the back burner. We are finally on the flip side....fevers have broken....and hopefully sleep will find us again. These are a few snapshots from last week....before kids starting getting sick.

Sofia's favorite "kitty" PJ's from cousin Maggie.

Daddy makes the coolest forts....ever.

Sofia got Shrinkart as a present a few years ago.
She was a bit young, so we had it in storage.
We had a craft afternoon.

Watching it bake...and shrink!

Dancing with daddy

Sofia nicely rolls the ball to Stella.
Stella hurls it at Sofia's face.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel - Loved the pic of Peter dancing with the girls. Mom

Sandy Hop said...

That picture of Peter dancing with the girls is too precious. Hope you guys are on the mend at your house! We're on the mend too! (hopefully....)

Rachael said...

Hi Rachel! I just found your blog, and found that we have a lot in common! My name is Rachael as well...I have two boys and I am pregnant again (hoping for a girl!), and I am also an organizational fruit loop! Anyway, I've enjoyed skimming through your posts, and I look forward to following you! Your girls are adorable!

Some Guy said...

A craft afternoon... I think you could market it a little better with a trademark-y name such as Crafternoon.

Launa said...

Great pics! Your girls are so darn cute! and that pic with them dancing with Peter... wow! priceless!


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