Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Last Year According to iPhone

Okay's been quite awhile since I've posted to my blog...I miss it lots. Unfortunately my blog has taken the backseat....

A LOT has happened in the past year. We have officially been in our home just over a year....and I have officially owned an iphone 1 year. So while the quality of photos is not that of an SLR or phone is usually with me and therefore has been able to capture a lot of otherwise forgotten moments....and yes, most of the last ones are of Mark.

And yes, this is a crazy long post so feel free to skip over the videos & browse quickly through the pics. There are a ga-zillion videos so if they are not playing...then give your browser some time to load them all....sorry.

September 2009
The very first picture taken with my new phone. I think she looks so young!

Neither Peter nor I are good unfortunately I don't think it's in the cards for Sofia....

Proof that Stella does occasionally eat healthy food. She loves broccoli!!

The house was basically move-in ready. We've only painted the girls' room....Sofia helped me quite a it looks like the pink panther barfed everywhere. Stell-Bell & her famous nightly dance....never gets old for me.

October 2009
Our first fall season in our new home. Sofia is just starting to play with the neighbor girls. 8 girls all under the age of 6.....all live next to each fun.

Extreme leaf jumping....with the help of a mini trampoline

Need I say more?

Stella preparing for Trick or Treating with Nona.

Halloween 2009 - Trick or Treat!!
Yes, her outfit is on backwards....and yes, Nona DID get the previous video before she sent her out....hehehe

Annual Halloween party at the Bosschers....although now they live in Louisville....sad.

Sofia & I like to play the "No Laugh" game....whoever laughs first loses....she is really bad at it....but I maybe cheat....

Time to switch out the summer clothes with fall clothes!

First week of November 2009.....and this might also be how I informed my husband....why do it in person when you can send a picture text message?

The above picture occurred just days before our beer tasting party.....awesome....or not.

Peter's cousin Kyle comes for a very boring visit. I was preggo & colitis sick....and useless. I sent him to the park with Sofia while I napped on the couch....way to be a great host Rach.

Watching daddy play indoor

Sofia looks forward to the visit with Santa every year. Stella had issues with the creepy fat man in red.

Christmas 2009
Fia wanted to wear her Christmas dress every Sunday for a month.
Stella wanted to wear the Mardi Gras beads.....hmmm...

Just opened Christmas gifts from uncle Josh. Stella LOVED it!

Stella learns the pouty lip

Cold weather doesn't stop this mover!

Peter goes on a skiing trip every winter with his dad....the girls miss him lots so we send him video messages when he is away....

Dancing with daddy

Our first winter in our first home!

Stella's first winter where she was able to actively play outside

It's official....documented here. I think this is one of Peter's favorites....

We made gingerbread cookies!! They were completely inedible....barf.

Three is better than one!
Gotta love my Stell-Bell

Sofia reads a letter she wrote to me.
This is my favorite video....ever....the reasons why should be obvious...

It's a tea party & you're NOT invited....there were no more hats left.

Stella's hair finally grows long enough to braid. Sofia was born with this much hair....Stella was nice & bald till this past year.

I'm very attractive when I want to be....

Sometimes we have salon night & the girls get curlers

February 2010 - Baby bump starts to show

Taught art last school year. This was one of the projects. We did lines.

Sofia gets glasses. I've never had an eye exam so this was a new experience for me too.

Sofia ice skates for the first time.

Hot cocoa after a family day filled with ice skating & a chilly downtown walk.

One of hundreds of pictures that Sofia colors for me. Peter has a largish head....

Sofia LOVES games. We have accumulated several board & card games this past year.

Stella wore her crown from uncle Josh for several months

One of our fish (from Christmas) finally died. We will have 3 of 6....ugh, why won't they die?!?

We love to go to Centerpointe mall.

2 for $1 at Goodwill!

Looks like Stella will be a lion for Halloween this year....

We got a digital piano.

Peter took the girls to the Big Bug exhibit

This is what happens when we get overzealous with the sprinkles

We went on a full day date for Sofia's 5th birthday. We went to a movie and an indoor water park. It was so fun & I'm so glad she wanted to share her day with us.

Sometimes Sofia gets a little dusty with sidewalk chalk....

Stella is not a good sleeper....she gets so wound up & then just passes weird positions....

Another girl salon night

The result

Girls...Sofia wants to take dance lessons....she's such a natural....or not.

Family trip to Home Depot to do the free workshop....butterfly houses!

Sofia upgrades to a larger bike

June 2010: I had a MASSIVE garage sale....I was 8 months pregnant & Peter was out of town....I'm a idiot. I will never have another garage sale again.

Sofia & neighbor friend Madelyn had a lemonade & cookie stand. They EACH made $12!!

I love sales.

We frequently make the coffee table into a fort....complete with flashlights, snacks, & story time.

The last few weeks before D-day.....I kept my overweight preggo self inside our freezing house. My girls always wanted to be outside & play in the I had to document the few times I made it outside with them.

Poolside....who needs a pool membership when you have this?

The newest family member


Kinda looks like a girl....but still love him!

Our door is always dirty and gross....this might be the reason why....

Gun show

Mark has a long toe just like his mama! Sometimes it's the little things in life that make me smile....

Stella loves her baby brother

This was our main summer entertainment....bathing suits & a sprinkler

Stella was trying to show me that she had a huge gash on chin that was spurting blood....and therefore DESPERATELY needed a band-aid. I'm not sure how band-aids make pain go away...but they do for Stella.

Ice cream on the front stoop was a very frequent treat this past summer.

I tried to phase out Stella's nap in an attempt to end her 10pm fall asleep time....sometimes I have the worst ideas.

What would I do without this girl??

I am a milk making freak. This is about 3 weeks worth of extra milk. I have since found several people that want my liquid gold donations. My current recipient is an adopted baby girl in Baltimore who has allergies to all formula. So glad that I can help another baby.

Nice pick Stella

Washing a baby in a bucket

Stella's first Chicago Fire soccer game....courtesy of K Sheldon! Shout out. We all had a blast.

Sofia's 2nd Fire game.

Stella felt that Mark should be a princess because being a princess is fun. Peter was NOT happy about this picture....


A baby gift basket by NamHee Designs for a dear friend

Mark's favorite thing to do....let's hope he's not a total narcissist when he's older.

Mark occasionally finds his thumb & will soothe himself back to sleep....I just wish he would do this all the time.

Stella loves most anything that doesn't fit and looks obnoxious. This past Saturday it was a hat 4 times to large for her....

Mark is a very happy baby....can you tell?

Mark is finding his voice


kasey vandertol said...

Your family is so happy! I love the baby laugh.

LJFredricks said...

I think we should get Stella and Ellie together more often. Mya sleeps like that too. CRAZY. Love it Rach! AND I wanted more!

Kyle said...

Shout out!

Welcome back - great photos. Please keep posting!

Also, Peter looks great in turtlenecks.

Launa said...

So glad to have you back!! Your sweet kids are so darn cute!!

Sandy said...

I love this post. Welcome back to blogger! We've missed you over here. :)

the deKorne family said...

great post!!! lovely having you back...we've had similar sprinkles incidents-and you're totally a way better mom than me making forts and playing games. i will never let my children see this post and know the truth!

Lesley said...

welcome back! love the videos...espcially the no laugh game and mark's giggles. so cute!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I loved this post! Thanks for the update. The baby giggles made my day. :-)

Erin said...

Love the year in a review! I had a garage to purge my girl clothes too ;)


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