Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fails

Addicted Much?

Hopefully this is an international company that didn't translate well....otherwise someone needs to be fired.

Maybe this is what he was going for....I won't judge.

Well...this answer does seem quite reasonable.

How can you NOT notice this?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

K82 - 1453

This post is dedicated to my birth mother & any other mother who has given up their baby for adoption.

The recent controversy regarding CBS & the Tim Tebow commercial has opened a part of my heart that I normally like to keep to myself. If you don't know anything about this, then click here. I don't share the intimate details regarding my adoption....mostly because I completely forget that I am even adopted and it feels like I'm talking about other people. Talking about the specifics of my story makes it real....which then makes me overly emotional....and I don't like myself in that state.

I finally decided that I would share some of MY adoption story as it pertains to a topic for which I am truly passionate about. I dug through my old adoption papers....and thanks to a scanner, I can share them with you.

The Story of K82-1453 Begins

I was left on a doorstep outside a the CheChon Orphanage on October 10th, 1981. I was just over 11 weeks old. This snippet states that I was "in good health & weighed 11 pounds & was 22 inches."

CheChon (or Jecheon) is about 3 hours Southeast of Seoul

A Christmas Card sent to me after my arrival in the States.
Jane White was the founder & heart of that orphanage.

Don't Mess With me....or so my papers state.
"Is very demanding. Wants to be held the minute an adult walks into the room. However, when she is with the other children she is very happy and content. Is a real fighter with the other children her age. Is very seldom the loser. I would like her placed in a Christian home in the U.S."

(This is the reason why I was placed in a home with 3 older brothers)

K82-1453 (My Case Number)
The very first picture given to my parents from the orphanage.
I carry it with me in my wallet. It is very precious to me.
Yes, I look a bit crossed eyed.

A Letter from Jane White (November 9, 1982)
"...Nam Hee is a doll - am sure you already know this. She is really a lover. Just loves to be held and cuddled. She has a real good appetite. Has been on jr. foods & drinks from a cup. In the last few days she has started to walk all over the place. She is usually happy & content - however when she is hungry she wants to eat now. Not interested in waiting a minute. Sometimes even refusing cookies..."

The other picture of me from the orphanage (I only have 2)

The purpose of this post is to say Thank You. Thank you to my birth mother for choosing life for ME. Thank you for selflessly choosing to carry MY life in your womb for 9 months and then painfully labor & deliver MY body to the world. Thank you for allowing MY life be the exception...for allowing ME the opportunity to laugh, cry, sing, learn, play, fall in love, live in a country where I can speak & worship freely, experience the joys of having my own family...and to taste cookies.

I do not take my life for granted. I do not know the reason why I was left on a doorstep. But I do know that I honor my birth mother's decision to keep my life by living my life to its fullest.

I know the counter me, I have heard all of them. My birth WAS the counter argument. Social, economic, & physical factors can make a mother's decision to keep her baby seem impossible. I get it. I am posting this because this topic hits me at a very deep and personal level. As an adoptee, I will always be an a passionate advocate of choosing life....because it was my birth mother's decision that brought me here. I can not ignore the course of my life....from doorstep abandonee to happily married wife & mother of 2 with another on the way.

A Few Pictures From My Childhood

Cover Girl Rach
That's my brother Matt changing my diaper.
Not a glorious cover, but it's my small claim to fame.

Calendar Girl Rach!
Miss October...HOT!

Beach Babe
I would spend hours laying in the warm sand.

I always liked to swing.....but especially loved to jump off!

Climbing Trees
I was a super tom-boy & LOVED to climb trees.

Who could imagine the miracles that would happen from being placed on a humble Korean doorstep.
Adoption is ALWAYS an option.

And finally...the letter from the Judge, Randall Hekman
February 3, 1984
Not sure the Kent County Juvenile Court would be allowed to release such letters these's a shame.

"My Dear Child....
You didn't choose the
Place or the
Time of your
Beginning when, in
God's fingers
Patiently and
Lovingly and
Skillfully wove a
Rich tapestry of Life called

Nor did you choose the
Home of your
Growth from child to
Adult, where
God will use
Us to
Food and clothe and hug and
Train and model and console and
Encourage and rebuke and most of all

And, through it, we all will grow.
'Til nuggets of refined
Gold and precious
Gems of beauty shine from our inner
Lives to give
Glory to the One
Who patiently and
Lovingly ever lives to
Finish His work in us."

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fails

It's Friday again. Here are some more fails to make you feel better about yourself. Enjoy.

Parking Fail

Maybe this person is on their way to Florida...probably from Michigan.

Apparently these are the only choices.

He said the kid in the orange shirt tripped him....right

If you have any Fails that you would like me to share, then email me at and I will be happy to post them.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


It's a tea party & you're invited.

Sofia slept in old lady sponge curlers.
The result is her favorite super curls.

This was the day Sofia picked out all her clothes.
I suppose the theme was pink.
Her socks & underwear are hot pink as well.
I do a full load of pink laundry every other day.

I upgraded Stella to french braids!
I can't believe that she just sits for me.

Uncle Josh sent the girls Christmas presents!
Sofia got a digital camera. Her expression says it all.
She LOVES it. I'll post some of her pictures later.

Stella got a cool bath toy & a princess crown.
She wears the earrings to church.
Her reaction was similar to Sofia's.

Dinner earlier this week - Chef Salad's "healthy" if there's a few pieces of lettuce underneath, right?
Bippity Boppity Bacon!

Do I ever take pictures that are NOT in our kitchen?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear Mommy....Love Sofia

I have been in a slump lately. I'm not depressed, but for some reason I have been uncharacteristically negative. I had a long list of excuses, but I will choose to blame it on my crazy hormones. And for some stupid reason, the only "cures" to my disposition cost a zillion dollars. So to fix my slump, I have been writing lists (yes, I LOVE lists) of the blessings in my life and all the reasons to be thankful. This really does help....A LOT!!

I tell people that my eldest daughter Sofia is sweet. But I want to say is that she is docile, aims to please, exceedingly polite, respectful, considerate, rarely defiant, and has basically been the perfect first child for me. A few weeks ago Sofia "wrote me a letter". Then she decided to read it to me. I watch this video on a daily basis and it warms my heart and reminds me to be thankful and happy.

This video is not the original version of her "letter". The first version was way more humorous as it talked a lot about how she was "sorry that I was always throwing up and that my belly was getting fat" and how she will take good care of me. I like this version better.

I debated posting such a long video, but since this is my blog....I suppose I can post whatever I want! So, this post was for me.

Dear Sofia,
Thank you for my letter and making me the happiest mommy alive. I love you very much.

love, Mom

Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Me Monday

Monday again....another fantastically embarrassing list of things I did not do this week.
  • I do not wait for my husband's On-My-Way-Home phone call to finally run a comb through my hair & throw some make up on. No way, I always put my face on in the morning....and clock in a full day of looking presentable.
  • I was not secretly relieved that my husband was in Colorado for 6 days because it translates into one less mouth to feed, one less person to pick up after, my glorious queen sized bed all to myself, going to bed at 9:30, and more me time....nope, I was definitely sad to have less laundry & the tv remote to myself all week.
  • I did not hastily dash into Stella's room after a phantom cry and when she immediately fell asleep on my shoulder....I did not find myself in resting bed with her for the next 30 minutes. That would prove my selfish need for unnecessary cuddling.
  • I did not make Sofia lay her wee bird turd in the bathroom at Walmart & then race across town back home because mommy dropping a deuce in a public restroom is absolultely NOT an option. No way, I do not lessen restroom sanitary standards for my children.
  • I did not replace my usual after-meal oranges with gummi bears.....and reason that gummi bears are a bit cheaper.....and therefore a much better option.
  • I did not haul myself out of bed at midnight....and decide the best remedy for my restlessness would be a large bowl of sour cream & onion potato chips.....that needed to be eaten in bed. That's gross.
  • I did not drop small pieces of ham, cheese, tortilla chip, & apple into our fishbowl in hopes that I would walk down the next day to see a few floating. No way, that's morbid.
  • I did not pack up 4 bags of smelly garbage, transport them to my dad's & dump them in his giant waste container to use his service.....and not buy tags. That's silly. I do not go to extraordinary measures to be that cheap.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fails

Time for Friday Fails to make you feel better about yourself before the weekend. Click here if you missed last week. Hopefully you will have a better day than this dude.

This one is for my soccer loving husband.....nice.....barf.

This one is a shout out to a certain uncle....oops!
Maybe Marriott was hosting a Document Convention....yeah...that's it.

This one just makes me laugh. Looks like someone should have been the statistician instead.

If you have any Fails that you wish to contribute or would like to see on this blog, feel free to email them to me at Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Yays and Nays of Pregnancy

I strive to be an optimistic person....but I also try to realistic. I will not say something stupid like "Oh, I just need to change my attitude and then I will become a happy, glowing pregnant woman"....because that would be like saying that I enjoy throwing up, stretch marks, & cankles....which would definitely be a lie. I really did try to come up with equal numbers of Yays to match the Nays.

I was going to include pictures....but ugh, that would have taken waaaay too long. So as much as I dislike big read-only posts....this one needed to be sorry it's so much reading....booooring!

Disclaimer: These Nays & Yays are personal to Rachel Sheldon & are most likely not the same for other pregnant women. no particular order

1. The 3 Levels of Fatness

Level 1: Transition
You're not fat enough to safely label pregnant, but definitely fat enough to notice weight gain. TRANSLATION: you are too fat to fit in old clothes & not fat enough for maternity clothes. The fun body swelling welcomes the puzzled faces of people trying to decipher if your new fatness is pregnancy related.

Level 2: Cute Stage
Finally popped out & people think you're belly is cute....and you're not uncomfortable yet. Unfortunately, this is easily the shortest Rachel fatness stage.

Level 3: Ready to Pop
Your baby has seemed to reach max capacity in your belly despite the 3-4 months you may still have left in your pregnancy. You attract stupid people who make stupid statements such as "Oh my! You're about ready to pop!" and "Are you having twins?" Meanwhile your blood starts boiling as your resist making statements about their ugly faces or non pregnant weight gain.

2. Cankles
Calf + Ankle......enough said

3. Tender Mammary Glands
While this may seem exciting for weakly (or negatively in my case) endowed women as it also may involve bosom growth.....such luck does not grow my way....only pain & tenderness that begins under my collar bone and extends into my armpits & down to my ribs.

4. No alcohol
9 months is a long time to be brewskie free. Not that I'm some sort of alcoholic, but nothing beats a cold Oberon on a hot summer day....or a tasty Sam Adams during the winter months.

5. Exhaustion
The first and last trimesters are subject to this symptom.

6. Stretch marks
Yes, some women don't get these....I hate those women. I totally love the look of bear claw marks all over my rear, sides, belly, &

7. Sleeping discomfort
Does anyone else wake up three times during the night to use the bathroom? Maybe this one is just me.

8. Crazy hormone changes
I unreasonably go from crying tears of joy to I-might-punch-you-in-the-face frustration.

9. Can't see your feet
Last month....this just irritates me

10. Hot flashes
Does anyone enjoy these?

11. Linea Nigra
The sickly dark line that draws even more attention to your gross outey belly button and connects to the unmentionables....awesome.

12. The Glow
While some women experience the increased blood volume to the face with rosy cheeks & a beautiful dewy glow.....Rachel Sheldon's increased blood volume manifests itself as facial fatness and greasy skin....complete with excessive acne. Sweet.

13. Maternity clothing I know maternity clothes have come a long way...but I just don't like how they look on me.

14. Labor and Delivery
I blame Eve for this one....thanks for nothing....just had to take the fruit, didn't you?

15. Waddeling
Whoever says this is cute is a liar.

16. Old lady Stories Target
For some reason, a protruding belly is an open invite for old ladies to tell you all sorts of labor, delivery, pregnancy, & child-rearing stories....complete with unwanted personal details.

17. Side Sleeping
This generally doesn't bother me as I am a side & back sleeper to begin with....but after months of being forced to sleep on my side....I always am excited to finally sleep on my back

18. Absent Mindedness
Okay....this one is cheating....because I am already very absent minded....or would you call it ditzy?

19. General Clutziness
See #18 for similar explanation.

20. The Outey
Yo, outies are gross.

21. Non belly fatness
There is no reason for my rear end to grow to as the same rate as my belly. Not to mention the swollen face, cankles, fingers, under arms, thighs, & love handles.

22. Flatulence
I will not deny that this occurs during non-pregnancy times....but
pregnancy seems to elevate my gas levels 10 that of a dude.
It's weird.....and gross.

23. Scary Sneezing
After having the first baby sneezing becomes scary during the last
few I am forced to cross my legs to ensure that
everything stays in. Gross...yes. True....unfortunately.

24. Caffeine Cut Down
I am a coffee addict. I like it black & untainted with sugar or milk
to make it wimpy and terrible. I like to drink at least 3-4 cups in
the morning. I cut down to 1/2 a cup during pregnancy....this makes
me unhappy.

25. Nausea & Vomiting
If you enjoy the feeling of being on a constant Tilt-A-Whirl or Disney
Tea Cup Ride....then Pregnancy is for you. And I have never met
anyone who enjoys barfing. And for me....barfing does not give
satisfaction of nausea relief....just an amazing taste in my mouth.

26.Others are forced to tolerate me in this state
A special thanks to my husband, children, mother-in-law, and any others who have accidentally crossed my path and had a negative experience.

Yays....Yes, there are some!

1. Nice hair
My hair stops falling out so it gets thick & I actually like it. Not to mention that I don't have to clean out the masses of hair from the shower drain.

2. Nice Nails
Yay! There are actually benefits to downing those massive prenatal vitamin horse pills.

3. Guilt-free Weight Gain
There is definitely something awesome about gaining a pound a week (or more...LOTS more...oops) and not feeling overly guilty about it.

4. People let the pregnant lady have the seat
There have been several times when I was waiting and someone stands up to let me sit's awesome

5. Stork parking
This is at the malls & now a few local grocery stores such as Meijer. Nice close spots right next to the handicap spots for "Expectant Mothers". Awesome.....even though I don't really feel like we deserve the parking privileges of those in wheelchairs.

6. The Miracle
Yes, anyone who can not acknowledge the miracle of a mother's body creating another human is a fool.

7. Boys will NEVER experience the kicks
Sorry guys....but this is awesome.

8. Maternity Clothing
Yes, I know this is also a "nay", but I won't deny the awesomeness of clothing designed for comfort. Elastic waisted pants are indeed ugly....but oh man are they comfortable.

9. People make you food after delivery
Nothing like people bringing ready to eat food when you come home from the hospital.

10. Pregnant Lady Card
Use this card to excuse clumsiness, absent-mindedness, and general stupidity. Also play this card to excuse emotional overload at lame movies and/or commercials.

11. Holding Your Baby for the First Time
This "Yay" trumps all "Nays". I can not find words to describe holding my babies for the first time. It is the reason why I voluntarily subject my body to the "nays" for 9 months.

Obviously, I have a few more Nays....but 9 months of my life is a SMALL & very MINOR sacrifice for the blessings that my babies bring to my life. In fact, if finances would allow it....I'd totally be game for 6 kids.

I welcome any Yays or Nays that I may have forgotten.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


First braids of her life.

This past fall Sofia started making her own dot-to-dot masterpieces.
I followed this very easy to read dot-to-dot sketch.
See below for the final picture.

Pizza night.
Stella is really starting to enjoy cooking & baking.

Uncle Mike visited from Colorado and took the girls sledding.
I think he had just as much fun.

My youngest nephew Sammy.
Snug as a bug.

Sometimes the dots just give away the picture.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me Monday

No intros this week....let's just get it over with....

  • I did not force Stella to wait for me to read her a book because my very important television show still had 15 minutes left. Obviously she understood that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was more important than an educational moment.
  • I did not pull my kids down the stairs and all around my house on a giant comforter. Not only is that dangerous, but it teaches my children how to rough house. Obviously I was preparing them for sledding.
  • I am not such a cover hog that I require our entire down comforter all to myself....all soft, warm, & wonderful....and force my husband to use a separate old, ratty, thin and scratchy Walmart special comforter. I do not value my sleep more that my husband's.....surely he appreciates how his comforter exfoliates his skin every night.
  • I did not eat 5 bags (yes, BAGS) or oranges in 7 days. That would mean that I eat about 8 oranges a day. That teaches my kids compulsive eating habits.
  • I did not wait until after I celebrated my child's 2nd birthday before I realized that I should probably make her 2-year-old doctor appointment....which will now happen several months late. No way, I am on top my kids' Dr. appointments.
  • I did not turn the fan louder in our room to drown out Stella's middle of the night whimpers for mommy TLC. I do not proactively ignore my child's cries for extra love....that's heartless.
  • I did not banish Stella to the basement because I didn't feel like changing her dirty diaper....or smelling it. Barf.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Fails

I decided to start another weekly post on my blog. Our cousin KM Sheldon is the one I will credit to showing me this.... it's People post pictures and videos of failures. Be warned though...some of the videos may have unsuitable language and some of the pictures can be raunchy.

I thought that on Fridays I would start posting a few random failures on lighten things up before the weekend....but mostly to make myself feel better. For some reason...the maze makes me laugh every time.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is how my girls transfer after they fall asleep at Nona's house.
Stella = WIDE awake, singing, talking, giggling
Sofia = Never wakes up....not even once.

Kindergarten Art
We did Christmas Chains, Trees, & Wreaths

Why is it that my girls give me a good smile in the ugliest locations?

Watching daddy play indoor.
My kids are the ones who leave all the gross prints.
Go #3!

Christmas sweaters from Aunt Nick & Uncle Matt
I LOVE them!!

Arm + Oven = Rachel Is An Idiot

7 Christmas parties & 5 birthday parties from the 12th - 30th
Neighbor Madelyn's 5th birthday at Chucky Cheese.
It was an exhausting month.

The Sheldon family birthday celebration.
6 December birthdays!

Christmas morning on the steps.
This is a new tradition for me.
We always opened gifts on Christmas Eve.

Sofia wishes for a puppy every coin she throws in the wish pond.
Soooo.....goldfish will have to do.
Names are Brownie, Squirt, Grape, Alina, Dorothy & Pizza

Birthday gift from Pop Pop (Grandpa Feyen)
Bathtub painting set

This is an ice/snow fort a few blocks down on Boston.
I was "creepy lady" who took pictures.

Complete with slide, tunnels, rooms, etc. Awesome.

Sledding at Mulick Park on Friday.

Stella's favorite movie (now) is Barbie & the Diamond Castle.
She will wear her princess Alexa dress ALL day.

I am awesome at washing my dirty laundry.
I am NOT awesome at folding clean laundry.

I believe we have a sock ness monster.
Ha ha ha...get it? "SOCK ness?" I'm a nerd.
But really....where do they all go? Is this just my household?


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