Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Update is finally up and's a serious work in progress, but it'll do for now. I finally feel like I have most of the basic stuff for the business set up and now I'm just taking in alterations and gift requests.

Last week, I made 11 aprons & a baby gift set for my 4 days & had so much fun doing it! She wanted the catering staff to have matching aprons....and then give them to her friends & family as gifts after the wedding. But I am an idiot & forgot to take pictures...oops. I was hoping to make a few more gift aprons this week....I'll be sure to take a pic this time.

A few of the more recent items I have done.....I really should be taking pictures of all of them....but alas, I am lazy and forgetful.

This is my first attempt to make my girls' clothes!
I bought a pattern, but I didn't use it....what a waste of $.
I mimicked the Matilda Jane dresses minus the $52 a pop!!

These are the pacifier clips....I used the soft pink minky fabric.

I had my first request for yellow/green burp cloth sets

A simple blue set

Other Randomness

I am having a garage sale next week and so I feel like I should start preparing for all my garage sale items are thrown in large black garbage bags that are haphazardly thrown about my basement.

Stella is finally potty trained....and this has made my life A LOT easier! Praise the Lord.

The hot weather makes me tired, lazy, & cranky....not that me stating this fact on my blog makes it any easier for those to have to tolerate me everyday. (sorry Peter)

We took the RV to West Virgina last weekend for a wedding. RV trouble on the way there extended our trip there to 24 hours....awesome. The last hour of the trip goes through some rolling hills/mountains of West Virginia....Stella got car sick & threw up ALL OVER ME....awesome. The wedding was so was worth the road trip.

I am completely ignoring my children so I can post to my blog....I know they are making a huge mess....I will continue typing away so long as I don't hear crying....I just need about 15 more minutes!

And a few snapshots for the road.....sorry about the quality of some....they are taken with my camera phone.

If there is ever a picture that best describes me....then this would be it.

This is how Stella falls asleep sometimes.
Notice that there are band aids on both knees.

Watching videos in the RV on our way to West Virgina.
This would be BEFORE Stella got really sick.

She had a long travel day....and Nona became her pillow.
Stella is NOT a sleeper so this means she was EXHAUSTED.

The wedding was at a beautiful estate nestled in West Virginia.
There was a grass maze & dancing in a barn...awesome.
Thank you B. Mahler for this picture....hehehe

Hot weather means we sit poolside.

Turns out Stella loves corn on the cob.

Ice cream is the best on hot summer evenings.

Sometimes we have a girly salon night in the bathroom

Then the next morning....we have CURLS!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Well then.....I guess it's been a little while since I've been able to post to my blog....YIKES!! I miss it dearly and feel 100% disconnected from my blog friends and family....and that depresses me a bit....not to mention my Not Me List is getting really long....but such is life.

I am finally caught up with sewing and have a few minutes for an update for the past month.

I am up and running with NamHee Designs & Alterations & have been busy taking orders & altering clothes! I am in the process of designing a website.....turns out that there is a reason people get paid lots of money for doing that! Ugh, I'd love to snap my fingers and have that be done. I'll be sure to post again when it is up and running.

So almost all my spare time is spent sewing. I have been keeping very busy with alterations and baby gifts. I finally took a few pictures of the most recent gifts. These are burp rag sets with little matching blankets.

The green & brown set. I also do a blue boy set & another neutral set with yellow & brown with orange & turquoise accents....super cute!

I had a request for a few hooded towels. She wanted pink with a ladybug theme to match her granddaughters newly painted room.

And the main part of my day.... long lost snapshots from the past month

Goldfish #1 finally died.....1 down, 5 more to go.
R.I.P Cinderella.

I don't remember every having a set Easter tradition growing up.
Our family does the following.....
1. I "splurge" on a brand new pretty dress from Walmart.
2. We paint Easter eggs & discuss the real meaning of Easter.
3. We have an egg hunt Easter morning.

Yay Stella! Her eggs really weren't very "hidden"....but she had fun.

Ahhh....collecting the goods!

I went solo to Chicago visit one of my best friends, Megan.
We are both pregnant and due about a week apart!
The belly on belly is a weird sensation....Megan LOVED it

This is me stuffing my face with the most glorious bakery rolls on earth. About a 10 minute walk from Megan's place....I had been craving them for months....mmmm....sooooo delicious

Megan & Stephen's son Calvin.
We were buddies.....right.....or he was really afraid of me.

Peter stayed home with the girls & took them to the Big Bug exhibit.

Stella inherited a lion costume from her cousin. Looks like that's what she'll be for Halloween this year.

Stella still wears her princess crown as if she just got it from the store.

Home Depot finally sent us a gift card to replace the items not considered "attached" to our vehicle. So....while Home Depot was blacklisted....we're not stupid....we'll use the money on the gift card & then reinstall blacklisted status. If you don't know anything about the incident, then click here.

I inherited a baby grand piano as my wedding gift from my parents. It has been stored an another woman's house for years. We do NOT have the space for a baby grand....but we did for an upright. We traded it in the baby grand this is actually a full size digital piano with volume control, touch sensor keys, programmed songs, & more. It's awesome. I am giving Sofia lessons & she is doing really really well. I won't be surprised if she is a concert pianist someday.

My Sofia baby turned 5 on April 26th. We had cousins over for pizza & ice cream on the 27th.....nice belly Rach....ugh.

All her cousins were able to come, including Henry & Sammy. Sammy is almost a year!

All the kids ran like crazy animals around outside playing some sort of tag game that included lots of screaming & getting dirty. And when the evening drew on....they all AMAZINGLY sat & watched a beginning of a SILENCE!!

Stella is cruising around on her bike super fast these days....which sometimes force me to "jog"....which does not agree with my giant belly.

Sofia loves to color with chalk.....and sometimes her face & hair get covered in chalk dust.

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