Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mark James

We welcomed Mark James Sheldon into the world on Wednesday, July 14th. I started contractions at 2:30am....and he FINALLY made his way out around 8:30'ish pm. I didn't have an epidural with I delivered him all natural as well....and YIKES! Pushing out an 8 pounder (Stella's weight) is A LOT easier than a 9 pounder! This baby most certainly did not "fall" out of my like people told me he would.....thanks for nothing punks....ugh.

I have been anxiously awaiting this baby to see what he would look I have one very Asian child (my mini-me Sofia) and one very white child (Stella). So then.....I think Mark is a decent mix of the two.

9 lbs, 3 ounces
21.5 inches
black hair....with weird blondish highlights
chubby Asian cheeks

A few pics from the hospital....

And.....exhaustion....I hardly remember this picture.....I'm pretty sure if they didn't put a pillow underneath my arm...there is no way I would have been able to hold him.

The older sisters checkin out their new baby brother.

Me and my babies

My family feels 100% complete!!

Sleeping baby.


When I was young, I spent many of my days playing with a friend who lived a few blocks away. Her name was Kasey Blickley.....we grew up....we lost touch....and then facebook reconnected us again. Turns out she got married young (like me) & now has a beautiful family....and has her own photography business called POSH. She does amazing work. Please check her out. She shoots weddings, babies, pregnant bellies, & more. Click Here

So....the last time I had "nice" pictures taken.....Sofia was 10 months maybe we are due for some professional grade pics....looks like Stella got the shaft on baby pictures....oops, still love her just as much. Here is a sneak peek at what she shot today. I can't wait for the rest!

And he didn't even pee on the ottoman.

Love this one

So tiny

I don't want him to grow up. I am really enjoying the infant baby stage....way more than my first two....probably because we are planning on this one being our last.

Just hatched! I was having flashbacks from 2 weeks ago when he really was in my belly....and maybe had a slight freak-out moment....I love how the picture turned out.

I am trying to rest up and really enjoy these short few weeks of my baby as a newborn before I dive back into my sewing business. Sofia & Stella have adjusted like a I predicted. They love their new baby brother. They are careful & cautious around him & love to help mommy care for him. God has truly blessed my life with a wonderful husband & 3 healthy & beautiful children.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Me Monday

Well....I suppose I'll do another one of these since I'm still pregnant....(sigh). I know I am "so close", but patience is NOT my gift. Waiting for this kid to be out of my belly does NOT involve fine motor I'm irritable & grumpy to say the least.

  • I did not stuff my face with a huge meal and then decide that it would be a good idea to also devour a huge Butterfinger flurry....which did not result in a Butterfinger flurry barf session....that would be totally gluttonous....I always observe self control with food consumption.
  • I do not drop pieces of trash in my house and stare at them on the ground and wait a few days until there is at least two other pieces of trash near by to pick it up....that is just really lazy.
  • I do not sleep with a giant box fan approximately 2 feet from my face and wonder why my throat and nose are dried out every morning.
  • I have not told people for the last two weeks that my due date was "yesterday" to convert their "you're about to pop" comments to "good luck". That would be deliberate and premeditated lying.
  • I do not call Stella "whitey" because her skin is pale and she does not get tan like her sister or mother. No way, we celebrate diversity in our family....I would never give my kid an offensive and derogatory nickname.
  • I did not ignore my husband's remarks about his "lost black shirt with the white buttons" for months (literally) even though I knew it was hanging in the basement waiting to be ironed. That would be a blatant lie...and besides, I never fall behind in ironing.
  • I do not insist that our house be kept at frigid temperatures & completely ignore my family's complaints about it being "freezing"....because they can put on a sweatshirt!
  • I am not bitter that both my very good friends (Megan & Kristin) had their babies already. No way, I am so excited for them and focused on their joy....not my own misery....punks.
  • I do not resent any person who is able to hold their urine for more than an hour and 1/2.....I hate you all.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Not Me Monday....and an update

It's been so long since I've done one of these......I don't even know if the original lady who invented it is still doing it....

  • I did not tell my girls that the only way mommy was going to sit outside with them & their kiddie pool is if they kept a constant cool water spritz all over my arms & legs....and fed me chilled watermelon. No way....that is basically slavery.
  • I did not let Stella drink 1/2 my root beer with her dinner because I was too lazy to get up & get her a glass of milk.
  • I did not keep my girls in their pajamas until 4:00 in the afternoon....and finally put regular clothes on because I was forced to make a run to the grocery store.
  • When my husband told me he slept on his back wrong & it really hurt....I did have flash visions of me clubbing him in the back whilst bellowing out evil sadistic laughs and screaming "how does your back feel now!?!? Ha ha ha ha ha!" No way, not me....that is selfish....just because I am uncomfortable....does not mean that my husband is banned from complaining....well....maybe a little.
  • This conversation did not happen..........not me, I am always delightful & of a cheery disposition....especially with stupid inquisitive strangers who like to comment on my belly size.
[Rachel sits down on bench while Peter takes girls on a walk]
[Lady approaches Rachel]

Lady: (gasp) Are you having twins?!? [she is very excited]
Rach: Yeah!! [equals lady's excitement in her response]
Lady: Really?!?! [even more excited]
Rach: No! [smile gone & suddenly angry, serious, & very irritable]
Lady: Oh.....[visibly awkward]
Rach: But thanks for pointing out that it LOOKS like I'm having twins...
Lady: Well....[eyes darting everywhere searching for a way out]
Rach: Yeah....lesson learned [glares at stupid lady]
Lady: [quietly tip toes backwards out of situation]
  • I did not "clean up" by throwing all my large items into the dishwasher & run it with 11 items total....that would be really wasteful.
  • I do not tell my girls that they only get showers & no baths because we don't have time....when the reality is that there is some weird blackish greenish stuff growing around the underside of the spout....and I'm too lazy to scrub it out.
  • I did not use the underside of Stella's dress to wipe her snotty nose all day....until her dress was so crusty that it did not hang properly. Not me....that is unsanitary and gross. I always keep tissues handy.
  • I did not go two weeks (& still counting) without brushing my hair. That would mean that I stopped caring about my outward appearances.....besides, I understand that running my fingers through my hair is not the same as actually brushing it.
  • I did not damage my eldest daughter by telling girls have 3 bums....the tinkle bum, the stinky bum, & the baby bum....and this baby will come out mommy's baby bum. Her mouth was not agape for several minutes of shock....followed by running around our house screaming that a baby is going to come out her mommy's bum. Nope, I would certainly wait till my daughter was a bit older before trying to explain medical marvels to her.

YO! It's been a very long time since I've even had a chance to turn on the computer....let alone do some blogging. NamHee Designs has been exploding and I've barely had enough time to keep up....which is awesome.....but I've decided to stop taking orders and allow myself the next week to "nest" and rest myself up for baby #3....mostly because my belly is so large that I can not sit at the machine for longer than 15 minutes without my feet going numb. I am also giving myself a few weeks after the baby is born & will slowly resume sewing again. I should be in full swing by early fall.

I hope to professionalize my website this August....but I finally updated it with pictures & check it out. or find NamHee Designs on facebook

The dresses have been a huge success so far & I can't wait to dive back into them again...they are so much fun to make!

These photos were taken by a childhood friend. She is a photographer who does amazing work. Click here to check her out.

This is my latest dress color combo....very bright & summery.

A couple pics......

So here I am at about 39 weeks....a rare I usually avoid the camera like the plague....but as this is my last....I thought I should have at least one preggo pic. I am enjoying my time relaxing & doing nothing!

We spent our 4th of July weekend at the Lake house with all the Sheldon cousins. We couldn't have asked for better weather. We had cloudless sunshine, warm water, waves, and gentle breezes. It was perfect.

More Random Rachel Thoughts...... that things have slowed a bit for is now occurring to me that I AM HAVING ANOTHER BABY!!! AAAAAGGGHHH!! I haven't had time to think about it....and now I am only about a week away.

Can anyone else believe I'm having a BOY?!? Seriously!?!? I definitely still don't really believe it. I don't think I'll be 100% convinced till it comes out.

My mother-in-law keeps telling me that everyday is another day closer to having the exciting!.....and all I can think about is how everyday is another ounce bigger to push out....ugh, I need to change my attitude.

Two of my very closest friends (Megan & Kristin) are both due within a week of me! So fun. Maybe we'll all have our babies on the same day - that would be crazy.

I am looking forward to my "vacation" at the hospital.....nurses waiting on my hand & foot, they wheel in my 1 child for feeding & then wheel it back out so I can sleep, endless diet's gonna be awesome.

This is the first year that I did not attend fireworks. :( I love fireworks....but the thought of sitting on a blanket without a bathroom in sight was enough to keep me home this year.

I had a garage sale about a month ago....and I had a lady pay with all dollar coins & I was so annoyed. Yes, I'm preggo & my irritation levels are higher....but seriously.....dollar coins are for grandparents to give to their grandkids....and for piggy banks.

Whoever the random Asian is that is posting crazy Asian fonts in my comments section can please stop. My appearances have fooled you....I know I look Asian on the outside....but I'm really very white....excluding my current dark brown skin color. No but seriously, stop with the weirdo Asian comments....leave my blog alone!


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