Thursday, February 24, 2011

Simply Sofia

Sofia was my first baby, my mini-me. I love her. She loves to get her hands dirty and help me or Peter with whatever. I don't know how it happens, but she somehow grows up really fast.....too fast for my liking.

Sofia is in now Kindergarten. This makes her very smart and know lots of things. She's all like, "Yep Mom, that's how we do it in Kindergarten" and "Ugh, no mommy, Kindergartners do it THIS way"

Making pizza with mommy. She's really good at kneading's one of her favorite cooking things to do with me.

Making a snowman with daddy. She loves to bundle up and go outside with daddy just to be with him.....even if he is only shoveling.

Sofia's 100 Days of Kindergarten Project.
Anyways, she has been in Kindergarten for 100 days. This is a big deal. She was assigned a project. Create something using 100 of something else. (I maybe helped with the idea)

100 Pictures of Things She Thanks Jesus For
(Shout out to uncle Josh for the Polaroid printer thingy!!)

And for the record, she really did do about 95% this project. I cut out the numbers and typed the list items. But she took the pictures, printed them, arranged them, adhered them to the giant 100 (they're stickers), cut the 100 list items, & then glued those on too. And you better believe the title poster has GLITTER letters! I was so proud of her diligence, dedication, and quality control.

A Night To Shine
Sofia participated in a forensics night at school....after she told us she didn't want to. We didn't push it because Peter also hates public speaking and understood her resistance towards it. But then Nona advised us that we get her more comfortable speaking in front of groups of people when she is the fear only gets worse with age. So we took Nona's sage advice and made her do it. It wasn't hard to convince Sofia because all her cousins participated too. She did great and we were beaming with pride. My favorite part is when she is done and is soaking up the applause. All the participants handed over the microphone immediately....Sofia waited for the applause. (Thanks aunt Lesley for taking the video)

Well done indeed....


Lesley said...

great post Rach. Love her.

Launa said...

Oh my goodness... she is so cute!! And, getting so big!! Great job to her on the project and the speech!! Sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

That is adorable. I've been outta high school for a long time now and thought "forensics?! that's when they study murderous crime scenes on t.v. they have their kindergartener STUDYING this??!!" Now I vaguely recall "forensics" being in the year book at Holland Christian High. Whew!

Laanykidsmom said...

Oh, that video is so cute. She was very, very poised!


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