Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am just getting back into sewing....little by little. This is my new(ish) thread holder....I love it. It keeps them nice and organized and de-clutters my previous thread drawer.

After stepping on a pin (awesome) & Stella finding several random pins on the ground....I also decided I should probably own a pin cushion....hopefully now they will stay put.

My work table....with my newest color scheme.

Stella loves to play with her train.
Sharing her train with Mark is fun and new....for now.

Sometimes I let my girls do my eye make up.
They are sure to use ALL the colors.
Sofia went for the dramatic eye make up look.

Stella went for more or an artistic eye look.

My dad brought me flowers last week.
They are still blooming and very fragrant.

I wanna give Crayola a big fat hug.

Painting princesses!

Please note that Sofia had to "create" her orange and purple to complete her rainbow of colors.

Stella's favorite part is watching the water turn colors.

Stella is not really one to sit on her painting is always amazing for me to witness.

Everyone was Kung-Fu Fighting..... knee high boots.....

We play with our food....sometimes it's healthy food.....


Julie said...

I love seeing these views into your life... love all the creativity in your house, from your sewing to your makeup (gorgeous, btw), painting and coloring. So fun!

Launa said...

"Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting! Everybody is fast as lightening!"
We love that movie and always dance at the end like total dorks!!
Your kids are oh so cute!!
Oh, and those boots are awesome!! Where'd you get them?

Lesley said...

great post. cute pics! I love Sofia's painting/coloring face...pouty lip. So cute. Keep posting!

Sandy said...

What's up with Fia's art face? It's too cute!

You're getting REALLY good at taking pictures.

I double dirty dog dare you to wear makeup like that to church.


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