Sunday, March 6, 2011


Sofia loves to play mindless games on my iPhone.
This is her concentration face....with pouty lip.

One of Stella's favorite activities.....fill up the slots and let them go!

I spy with my little eye.....

Stella loves puzzles. We do puzzles everyday.
Except Stella is a big girl & likes to do them all by herself.
So my job is to sit and watch her be a big girl.

Her concentration & focus is so contrary to her personality.
And this is where uncle Michael lives.
He bought this puzzle for Fia a few years ago, it's a family favorite.
Stella does this puzzle at least 10 times a day.
Thanks again uncle Michael!!!

This is a more accurate picture of my Stell-Bell.
Jumping off furniture like a super hero.

I know I am biased, but I think my boy is cute.

I cut Mark's hair so he looks a little less like Donald Trump.
Yeah, that's right....I used a kid scissors.

New Year's Resolution:
Style My Hair & Apply Makeup (not just Sunday)
Well, that was fun while it lasted.
I look like a trophy wife....that was recently barfed on.
And here are my feelings about my failed resolution.

Stella feels the, my eyes are pretty angry in this one.

Sometimes I tolerate healthy food.
Roasted sweet potatoes taste like candy....num!

So Mark is crawling & I'm so annoyed....I mean, super excited!

Except he's already frustrated because he wants to walk. that I'm crawling,now I have access to all this stuff!!

Why was I surprised when he finally opened the drawer?

Now he is pulling himself up and ready to cruise.
Check out his toupée in the second picture...nice.

So now that he is VERY mobile, I am taking as many pictures of his fatness that I can. Cause I'm sure it won't be long till his baby fat melts away into skinny boy legs. *tear*


Launa said...

Adorable!! as always!

Sandy said...

I love the action shot of Stella! You're getting good at taking pictures!

Alli said...

You are so creative! I love all the food pics. And the pics of the girls and Mark. I just want to squeeze him! Miss you guys!


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