Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random Highlights from April - July

Some of these pictures are from my please forgive the quality.

The great Easter Egg hunt of 2011 at Nona & Papa's house. Lots of running. Lots of candy.

My first baby Sofia turned 6! She will be in 1st grade this fall and I can't believe it. I feel like she was 2 just yesterday. Now she's all old and stuff. *tear*

I worked overtime Asian sweat shop style and had my first home show. It was exhausting. I hope to do more, but maybe after Mark is a bit older. Sofia's arm was sore after about 1 minute of holding a dress. She gets her super guns from her mama.

Mark started climbing everything around 9 months. This was taken when he was about 10 months old. I blocked the stairs to keep him safe. Mom fail.

My last baby started walking when he was about 10 1/2 months....he was about 2-3 weeks earlier than my girls *tear*

Summer birthday celebration with sister-in-laws Melissa (left) & Lesley (right), and mother-in-law Pati (far right). It's always a fun time with the girls....and they make me feel really tall.

I took two trips out west with my brother Matt for two sibling weddings. It was awesome to spend time with my oldest, he's a super great travel partner.

Matt decided that we should upgrade our vehicle in Colorado to a convertible. It was awesome. This would be a picture of me being a nerd.

My brother Josh got married in the mountains of Bellingham, Washington. It was gorgeous and my new sister-in-law, Aubrey, is crazy beautiful....AND equally nice, sweet, and smart. Thumbs up to my bro for putting a ring on it.....cause he would be a moron not to....just sayin.

While in Washington for Josh's wedding, I got to spend time with my other two brothers (Michael & Matt) and spend time getting to know Michael's fiancée, Allison. Turns out that Allison is all of the above.....pretty, smart, adventurous, sporty, & a Christian! I love both my brothers and have always looked up them.....but let's be honest here....they both married up.

4th of July celebration at Peter's parent's lake house. 9 grandkids on Peter's side. It's crazy and chaotic....and awesome. Can you find my kids? Hurray for my foreign wild card genes in this blond bunch. Oh yeah, and Sofia does not have older brothers.....but she does have some boy cousins that will fill the protective brother role.....I love it.

My brother Michael got married in the mountains of Colorado. It was breathtaking.

While in Colorado for Michael's wedding, I got to spend lots of time with my newest sister-in-law, Aubrey. She's the most talented photographer that I she gets booked for weddings in Italy and all over the globe! She was nice enough to give me one-on-one photography "lessons" all day long. But enough of that boring stuff......isn't she pretty?

Rainbows are pretty. And since I'm a girl, I took lots of pictures. AND....this 136 year old barn got struck by lightning about a week after the wedding and burned to the ground. So sad.

- My baby Mark turned 1! *tear*

A bridal shower in Chicago....overnight.
Me alone + 3 kids + 1 room = 2'ish hours of sleep
Urban camping is overrated and I recommend NOT doing it.

We drove to Chesterton, IN & took the train the last hour into Chicago. There is no way I could have done this trip without Melissa & Pati.

Mark has decided that scrunching his nose is the best way to show me his dissatisfaction

Crazy hair day AND blue day at VBS.

Watching the sprinkler out the front window. They sat there for 20 minutes. Our house is very exciting.

My girls have very different skin colors. Sometimes I think people look at Stella's crazy pale skin and wonder if she is adopted.

Sometimes I need to remind people of my Asian heritage.....or maybe this is what happens when I have had 1 hour of sleep & a full day of travel.....or maybe this is my best photo submission to the ultra exclusive club Beaver Buck Teeth Beauties.

I am able to cross only one of my eyes and use the other to look wherever I please. It's an awesome skill that is very useful for things like job interviews and impressing people who are classy and sophisticated. Jesse Meyer told me my skill would look better if I also stuck my tongue out....but now I think he was lying to me and just wanted to make fun of me.

I cut Mark's hair....he was very squirmy. Now he looks like a monk....or Forrest Gump....or an inbred named Cletus. It looks terrible. Way to make a cute boy look like Dopey. Mom fail.

No surprise, but Mark loves soccer. He loves to kick the ball around.

I experimented with my cake tip thingy. It was lots of fun. I did this for Sofia's 6th birthday. She hates cake. I might also mention that these cupcakes are definitely not from scratch....and neither is the frosting.

I made these cupcakes for Mark's 1st birthday. I stole the idea from someone on my new obsession called Pinterest. He liked them. Nom Nom Nom Nom

Sometimes I am too lazy, tired, and hot to stop my girls from doing things that are considered wrong. They wanted me to look like a princess....but I think my legs look like something from Target.

Stella colored this and taped it on the outside of our front everyone in the world could know about how she was feeling.

Sofia wanted curly I made twisty buns all over her head and had her sleep in them. It didn't work....but on the flip side, I now know the best method to create a sick afro. Fail.

Peter plays soccer year round. I love when his games aren't too late and we can go watch him play. Isn't he dreamy?


Lesley said...

yay for blogging! legs totally look like something from Target. love Pinterest. cupcakes were good. hahaha, looks like a monk. urban camping does stink...remember...I told you this...chicago in one hotel room equals disaster. nice update...don't stop now.

LJFredricks said...

You must have stella color me a grumpy picture for my door. That is hysterical. Love the update! 6 is way to old, he may NOT start walking and Stella is looking like a big kid! Tell your kids to STOP growing! Thanks for the update!

Sandy said...

Seriously, that pic of Peter makes him look professional! Way to go for good picture taking (as if this is only due to your picture taking skills and not his talent?).

Hooray for blogging! Keep it up!

Launa said...

Yeah your back!! Your adorable kids have grown up so much!! Great cross eyed pic and the cupcakes look great... btw I love pinterest too... definitely my new obsession!!

Rach said...

@Launa, ummm....can I be invited to read your blog?

Nicole said...

HAHA! The picture of Mark on the stairs? The. Best. Ever. Your picture of the girls watching the sprinkler is soooo cute!


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