Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chicken For A Week

We eat lots of chicken.
I'm making my standard "chicken for the week"
I do this or grilled chicken about every other week.
This recipe is quite mild.
My kids don't like the grilled taste.
Sometimes my kids dip it in ranch or BBQ sauce.
Sometimes I freeze some for recipes next week.
This chicken makes cooking convenient for the entire week.

The quick recipe

- large package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts
- olive oil
- Kosher salt
- seasonings

* place chicken in large skillet
* drizzle chicken with olive oil (both sides)
* sprinkle with salt & seasoning (both sides)
* turn stove top on low, cover, & let cook for at least 25 minutes (or till you start to smell it)
* flip chicken, replace cover & continue to cook for 15 minutes
* cut chicken into strips or cubes & store in fridge or freeze

And now for my dear sister-in-law, Lesley, I give you a full, detailed, & pictured run down of my exact methods.

- large non-stick skillet (mine is 12" across & nearly 3" deep)
- 1 family size package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts.
- I get mine from Meijer for about $10...although they were on sale at D&W this past week for $7!

- Extra virgin olive oil
- Kosher salt
- Meat Tenderizer seasoning from Aldi (sometimes I just sprinkle a combo of paprika, onion salt, garlic salt, & cumin.....always less cumin than the other seasonings)

- place entire package of chicken in pan
- drizzle with olive oil (about 1-2 Tablespoons over everything)
- sprinkle with seasoning & kosher salt
** SOMETIMES I USE AN ENTIRE PACKAGE OF TACO SEASONING INSTEAD OF THIS SEASONING (Les, the Mexican Lasagna recipe) and then shred the cooked's yummy. **

- Flip chicken breasts and repeat olive oil drizzle & salt/seasoning sprinklings
- Sometimes I add about 1 Tablespoon of water to make sure there is enough liquid

- Exactly how much salt do I use?
- Apparently, I use exactly 1 teaspoon
* Please note that regular table salt is more potent, so I would not use this much! I would use about 1/2 the amount.

- I set my burner on just above low

- This is how much flame I have
- It's really important for it to be quite low

- I put a lid on it & set a timer for 25 minutes so I don't forget about it!

- Walk away & go do something productive....or waste time on facebook

- After about 25 minutes, I check on it.
- The juices from the chicken should be bubbling and the chicken should be white about 1/2 way up the sides

- Flip the chicken, return the lid, & leave it alone for another 15
- I will often turn the stove down to low to allow it to cook crockpot style.....or if I have stuff to do and I can't get to the cutting part right away. If you turn the temperature lower, then it needs more time to cook.

- After you can smell the chicken in the house, then it's usually done.
- If you cooked it low & slow, the chicken should not be dry or rubbery.

- I cut mine up & stick it in my glass container
- I typically use some right away for whatever casserole I'm making at the time
- If you do not have an electric knife....then get one. They are awesome.

- The rest goes in the fridge for a easy grab snack for Peter and for dinner for the next few nights.

- This is what I used them for the other night
- Chicken, black beans, diced pepper, cheese, & taco sauce
- Fill em, roll em, & then spread on a thin layer of butter
- The butter is crucial for a nice golden color & crunch
- Pan fry them on medium heat like a grilled cheese
- Top with a fresh tomato, avocado, salt & sour cream

(which will slowly make it to the blog if they aren't here already)
(I also use grilled chicken in these recipes)

- Rachel's whatever casserole (a crowd favorite...coming soon)
- Chicken pot pie
- Mexican Lasagna
- Kung Pao Chicken
- Chicken Enchiladas
- Tacos
- Chicken veggie omelet
- Chicken Salad Sandwiches
- Chef Salad
- Special K Chicken
- Chicken Mac & Cheese
- Chicken Quesadillas
- Chicken Pasta Salad
- White Chicken Pizza

Kung Pao Chicken. Click HERE for details

Chicken Enchiladas. Click HERE for details


Sandy said...

Hey Rach, this is a great idea! I need to get back into planning out my meals. And doing preparation in advance like you. Or....I could just keep flying by the seat of my pants and feed my family a different variation of sandwiches every night. :)

Anonymous said...

hey! found your blog from nicole's :) i am totally going to do this! LOVE this idea and love having freezer meals prepared - HATE cutting up chicken for dinner. :) i love making pasta dishes for dinner - ones without any meat in the recipe. but my husband always wants to have some meat in them - so this way, i could freeze the already cut up chicken, pull some out and dump it in with my pasta. awesome.


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