Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ISO Challenge

So I'm not sure how I found Nicole's blog, but I love it. She is also a wife, mommy, & photographer among lots of other things. She and her super talented friend Michelle Sauer have a photography blog, ISO, with weekly challenges. I'm certainly NOT a photographer, and would never claim to be....but they say that non photographers can participate. So here are my entries for Week 5: Water & Dream

Week 5: WATER:
Peter's parents own a place on Lake Michigan.
We spend most of our summer weekends at the lake.
I have yet to swim in a body of water that compares.
Lake Michigan is breathtaking & I am blessed that my children are able to experience it as much as they have.

Week 5: DREAM
My brother got married about a month ago.
I honestly believe he married the girl of his dreams.
She perfect for him & I am so happy for them.
I always knew my brother would marry up....but I never predicted this far up! ;)


Nicole said...

Ahhh beautiful pictures! I love the one of Mark by the water.

I was just thinking that after reading your comment... I can't remember how I came across your blog! I'm pretty sure I was blog surfing (you know... hopping from blog to blog from their links in their sidebar) and somehow came across yours. Hmm. :)

Michelle Leigh said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures. Seriously, I love them! Great job!

Allison Feyen said...


Bree said...

These pictures are AMAZING!

Nicole said...

Wait... I was just checking out your ISO post and realized your pic was of Lake Michigan! Are you in Michigan or Wisconsin? I'm in Michigan... Jackson.. and we vacay at Lake MI a few times a summer (most often to Silver Lake).


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